Think I fractured or broke my big toe today. Is there anything I can d…

Think I fractured or broke my big toe today. Is there anything I can do about it? I know its not worth a visit to the er.
Shelby Johnson:


Hazel Roberson: You could not be a weenie about it.

Leo Gray: Ive broken a few toes over the years there isnt much you can do. You can buddy tape your broken toe to the next toe for stability

Rylan Patton: I told my husband to do that and it healed wrong and has a crooked toe now.

Brooklyn Ortiz: The can give you a boot to wear.

Brady Moran: The funny part is I was wearing steel toed boots and the towbar fell right below the steel toe 😑

Brooklyn Ortiz: Brady Moran: is there blood buildup under the nail?

Brady Moran: No its just been throbbing hard since. And Ive taken 800 mg ibuprofen

Brooklyn Ortiz: When I broke my big toe I waited a couple of days before going to the doctors. They said if I had come in earlier they could have drilled holes in the nail to release some of the pressure. They took X-rays and gave me some ibuprofen. My entire toe was swollen and bruised. The nail eventually fell off.

Malachi Long: Dont mess around with the big toe. Go get an x ray

Todd Lewis:


Rylan Patton: If you are AD, go get seen so you can get it on your medical record for the VA when you leave service. Nothing they can do, but my husbands toe never healed right. Hes still in pain daily and its been like 2+ years. He also got a PT chit, so trying to run on that is going to be difficult.