So what does one order at Cocos? 😅🤔 Weve been here for 3 months(…

So what does one order at Cocos? 😅🤔 Weve been here for 3 months(almost 4) and still havent gone 😅 Or your fav takeout places ? I kinda dont wanna change out of my sweatpants 😂😂😂

Emilia Collier: Lightly crisp chicken double meat. Level 3. Its very good chicken. The cutlet is like processed like.

Santiago Patterson: Is it frowned upon if i order all of this ?🤔😅

Rafael Flowers: I get the fried chicken regular spice curry. Its hot enough lol. And naan. Always naan.

Sadie Kennedy: Chicken cutlet curry spice level 2 or 3 with garlic cheese naan! I swear I will get it every single time I go from now on. 300g rice was a good amount!

Cash Morton: My husband gets chicken cutlet curry, double meat, 300g of rice and spice level mild. With a cheese naam

Anthony Williamson: Any curry, garlic naan bread and potato salad!

Maximiliano Weaver: Stewed chicken curry with spinach and garlic cheese naan

Johanna Buchanan: Chicken cutlet curry with cheese, 200g rice, spicy level 10!!! Been ordering that exact thing for 3 years and its amazing every time.

Maryam Schwartz: Mild chicken cutlet curry with cheese and a cheese naan 🤤

Miracle Moreno: By the way, we just went and they have this “handmade” chicken cutlet. Its super super crispy and delicious!

Kyler Rowe: Chicken cutlet curry cheese mix level 1 with garlic cheese nann and a green salad with sesame dressing 🤤 I got hungry just typing that

Connor Rhodes: Austin Noon

Zander Zimmerman: Chicken cutlet curry spicy level 1 with garlic bites and 2 orders of cheese garlic naan bread 😊

Makenzie Reese: 200 gram rice Chicken cutletVegetable curry level 1/2 depending on how Im feeling

Harley Matthews: #15 on the drive thru menu. Handmade tonkastu!

Rosalie Burke: Lightly crisped chicken curry with garlic cheese naan

Maia Estrada: Yall crZy get level 3 for some spicy flavors lol

Sloane Warren: Nothing. That place is awful lol

Justin Neal:


Yaretzi Ball: Chicken cutlet curry, double meat, spice level 4, 200g rice, and garlic cheese naan.

Bristol Bell: I like the chicken cutlet curry with mushrooms and tomatoes and asparagus added level 1. Or the veggie curry with mushrooms and tomatoes and asparagus added.

Madeleine Swanson: Everyone is saying chicken but I think the seafood curry is sooooo good.

Santiago Patterson: Safe to say Im going for the chicken cutlet curry 🤤 🍛 maybe a level 2 if Im feeling brave 😂😂😂You are all the best!

Bianca Jordan: Cheese stuffed hamburger curry. Mmmm

Peter Scott: I get mild chicken cutlet curry with spinach, cheese, and mushrooms. Also, garlic cheese naan.

Alice Lee: Chicken cutlet curry with cheese and a side of garlic bits. Sometimes I add CoCos sauce and a garlic cheese naan bread.

Athena Sherman: I like the tonkatsu curry level 4!

Eli Wise: The SimmonsChicken Tender curry, double meat; spice 10, garlic bits, cheese mix, garlic cheese naan , honey in circular motion/outside—>in, cocos sauce zig zag across the lot, mix and dip garlic naan in extra curry.

Kyla Valdez: Pork Zanmai for sure

Matthew Singleton: Our family loves Cocos. We all get different things. I get stewed chicken with spinach mild spice. My youngest boy gets tonkatsu with spice level 1 curry. My older boy gets Lightly crisped chicken double meat with egg, mild spice. And my hubby gets 3 kinds of chicken with cheese, spice level 2-3. The naan bread is yummmm 😋 and so is the salad with sesame dressing.

Aurora Reed: Chicken cutlet curry with cheese spice level 5 with garlic cheese naan bread 🤤🤤🤤

Santiago Patterson: ONE MORE QUESTION!What location is your fav? Im on kadena by gate 1😬

Jonathan Lucas: Stewed chicken curry level 5!!! I like the one right outside of gate 2!

Emersyn Owen: I normally order the porter house

Eduardo Bradley: Lightly crisped chicken cutlet curry, double meat, spice lever 5-10, Caesar salad, regular naan.

Riley Williams: Crispy chicken is good and the seafood too

Jayla Jacobs: Chicken zanmai or pork zanmai. Level 7-10 (mood dependent) and plain naan. Of note stewed curry is alot hotter than normal curry.

Bryan Ward: I get the chicken cutlet curry 🍛 so delicious 🤤

Kaden Wong: My kids love Cocos. I think the chicken cutlet tastes like McNuggets so maybe that is why. Its meh to me.

Gia Klein: Lightly crispy chicken curry. 200g rice. Level 1 or 2 spice. Extra curry sauce. Add cheese mix!Then I also add honey drizzle over top of everything!!!!

Elliot Franklin: Go to the one on the 23 legit ten times better than the 58 One. I get the chicken and mayo with side of vegeatable Curry. Ill also get the grilled short rib with scrabbled egg mix and vegetabl curry

Hazel Carpenter: Chicken cutlet curry level 2 with cheese with a cheese naan bread and get some cocos sauce 👌 and some honey been getting that for 4 years no complaints

Santiago Patterson: Currently waiting 😍😍😍

Carter Russell: I get the teriyaki mayo chicken 😍😍 and a cheese naan

Kylee Holmes: Chicken cutlet double meat, garlic bits and cheese mix, and a garlic cheese naan

Liberty Chambers: Hirekatsu, 200g rice, spice level 4-5, add mushrooms, cheese naan 🤤🤤

Riley Alvarez: Hotto Motto

Griffin Goodwin: Pari pari (crispy chicken) curry with double cheese. 🙌🏾 My seasonal favorite is kaki fry (fried oyster) curry with double cheese, but thats only available in the fall-Feb. Id say experiment to find your thing though. ☺️

Luke Brock: A few of the Cocos have a drive thru. A lot of places in AV have the take out option.

Santiago Patterson: We got this! I got level 2 chicken cutlet and garlic cheese naan breadIT WAS SO GOOD🤤🤤😍 I dont even like cheese unless its on pizza but I decided what the heck and it was yummy!!! 😍 although next time Ill get a level 1 because 2 had my eyes watering 😂😂Hubs got the other thing with double meat and he liked it!!! It was sooooo much food too! Thank you so much guys. Youre all amazing 😊🙌🏻🙌🏻