Smoke herring I am not sure all Trinis love smoke herring some people …

Smoke herring I am not sure all Trinis love smoke herring some people called it Chior girl why do they call it that?

Madilynn Curtis: I have no idea

Ember Mcgee: Hmm never heard that one, I do like smoked herring

Jazlyn Snyder: I guess a always neatly packed. Love them

Mallory Floyd: Because its loud in scent when you cooking it everyone does know thats why

Francesca Larson: Yes Dora …also Black Hen Chicken …its because of its loud scent as Felisha said every one knows when you are cooking it

Alana Cortez: The way the mouth does be open like they singing. I love smoked Herring.

Nylah Drake: Gail some people still calling it chior girl I believe because it smells very High

Aliyah Hansen: I love smoke herrings

Cora Montgomery: I love it

Eliza Mcdonald: Because of the smell it LOUD

Celine Armstrong: Cuz its loud lol

Logan Wallace: Cause it sings when its on the fire

Liana Brewer: Cuz it sing

Remington Lane: That bone less one dont taste like the ones you have roasted on the stove and smell up you house its that aroma why we called it choir girls and the strach we served with it is white flour dumplings also known as Sailor boys when them two clashed in your plate Choir girls and Sailor boys man thats finger licking not that fry chicken nonsense

Antonio Massey: Yes with some pepper sauce.

Nylah Drake: Yes the Roasted ones taste better Vernon you Really know the History about smoke herring Thanks a lot

Juliana Morrison: Ive never heard that name before but I dont like it or eat it

Gael Pratt: The smell over power the taste for me!

Adeline Porter: Sada roti with some pepper sauce 😍

Melody Delgado: I like saltfish but when it comes to Oil-down. I prefer smoke herring hands down

Ember Mcgee: Never had oil down with smoked herring

Melody Delgado: Gail Wallace cook the same way you would the saltfish. Thats the reason I always tell folks on this site If youre going to post dishes post the recipe and directions so others could try them out then they would be able to judge for themselves. as well as they may be able to learn a different way to prepare the same dish.

Ember Mcgee: Melody Delgado:I love it with rice and dhal. So good !!!

Harlow Cain: I love it if it is boneless

Olivia Tran: I know it quiet girl,but call it what you may I love it mixed with saltfish,had it with coconut bake yesterday

Kennedy Patton: trinis love smoke herring but you have to prepare it for them and thats the truth !!

Karsyn Joseph: Smell of it very strong..

Kinley Mcdaniel: Because its loud , u can smell it from a distance

Jazmin Pittman: Love it.. Has to be prepared the right way tho…

Kennedy Patton: my grandma used to roast it and then soak it in warm water

Bryan Watkins: Yes,l love it with eddoes, cant wait to go home to T&T.

Liberty Bowman: In England smoked herrings are called Kippers.

Teagan Fitzgerald: Omg Ive been craving that I cant come around to going to the store to get it its called choir guyl because of the sound it makes when it hits the oil thats my thinking lol

Peter Gordon: Smells up to a mile and ah half!!😄