I have a question for all you cooks in the group. I was told recently …

I have a question for all you cooks on the website. I was told recently by someone that she no longer peels the skin off the dasheen bush stem when making Bhagee or Callaloo. She says she cuts it very small and it melts just fine and nobody can tell the difference. Is that really a thing? Have I been wasting precious time?

Malachi Higgins: I heard that to Sati Rampersad

Annabella Bass: Yup, just wash cut n cook. I do it all the time. Delish.

Austin Horton: Wasting time peeling dasheen bush. No scratching whatsoever and it cooks just fine. Tradition have many ppl doing plenty things that are not called for.

King Martin: I think its just a matter of preference

Joshua Hubbard: Sweetie to each their own i will continue to peel my bush

King Martin: Whatever makes you happy I think

Levi Gray: U are peeling away all the cellulose when u do so

Amanda Chandler: I cut it up wash and cook. No peeling no lime and it taste just fine

Journee Steele: Yes. For over 40. Yrs i never peel the skin from the dasheen stems .thats the healthy part too from first i though it will scratch but not soo it even melt better than wen u peel it an trust me u will not regret it…

King Martin: I believe you and I will definitely be doing that next time


Noah Soto: My mom used to peel it an she stopped just cut it up small and it will melt in the pot the same way,thats what I do.

Kenneth Estrada: Y yes you really wasting time

King Martin: I realize that now but no more ! Thanks to all you peeps.

Zoe Barnes: I stop peeling the skin off myself I dont really make difference to me it looks good and taste good

Autumn Mills: Yes you are years now I have stop peeling the sticks and cook just fine

Myla Chandler: I never peel mine that what I was taught to do

Allison Evans: Wont peel if it is young tender leaves,but d older leaves I peel,must give it a try though

Selena George: I was taught by my mother (God rest her soul) to peel. I dont anymore (Shes rolling in her grave). It comes out just fine.But there is that special flavor hers had that I miss.

Nina Drake: Yep.. And all vit.in d skin

Makayla Lambert: Yes you have been wasting precious time all these years

Titus Ray: You can, but my experience is that there is a different texture when you peel the stem. I sometimes get an itchy throat when I dont peel. This may not be from not peeling but from the bush purchased at the time.

Rowan Robinson: I have been doing that a long time now and its good

Galilea Blake: D nutrients r under d skin ….research it hon

King Martin: I will. Thanks.

Kenneth Beck: Yes, it is said all the nutrients are under the skin, and the younger it is the better

Katelyn Wilson: Yes

Hallie Fitzgerald: It contains a lot of Iron and melts really nice

Timothy James: Didnt know you could use the skin. Was taught to peel

Payton Crawford: That is why allyuh does be in the kitchen long

Timothy James: Maybe thats true. As I said didnt know the skin was eatable always told it make the throat itchy. Doesnt matter now dont get it much in New York they sneak Old hard leaves in there

Nicolas Manning: The skins on the stem and the actual dasheen contain enzymes that causes an itching sensation for some people. Its not harmful otherwise and it cooks the same way with or without

Gwendolyn Perez: I usually squeeze a little lime juice if I dont I get the itching

Nicolas Manning: The lime can avoid itching and the dark stains you get on your hands but it doesnt counteract the itching.completely. I am very allergic so I have no choice but to peel the skin off and use gloves to peel a dasheen I am even allergic to pineapples which I ADORE but they contain similar enzymes. Its a pain in the backside really but I love my callalloo lol

Alexa Ross: Dont need to peel. Just chop and go. same results and may be healthier. Give it a try I did years ago and never looked back.

Payton Crawford: Dont waste the iron on the dasheen bush

Lillian Burns: Yes I have been doing this for like ages

Brooklyn Swanson: For the past 20 yrs i dont peel the skin..what i do i wash the bhagi clean before cutting it up.

Amiyah Vega: Yes you are

Nathan Wells: I do the same…ijust pull the tip off the leaf…

Greyson Sanchez: Yes you have

King Brady: Yes, I know it does melt!..in Callaloo , now I am thankful to learn it does also in baji!

Gwendolyn Perez: I always peel it but after I start working in a kitchen in New York I see they never peel so now I cut it up very small and cook

Natalia Wilson: Tis true! Taste the same!

Nina Nichols: Yes u have been wasting u time

Jose Jenkins: Thats were all d nutrition are but I sometimes peel if they are hard

Savanna Welch: Yes u have …I do the same thing

Heidi Powers: So true you dont peel it again

Amari Freeman: Cut small and cook..is the best

Liam Chapman: Yes true because I used to be peeling off the skin but when I came to America MY friend told me the skin is the best parts of the spinach 😀

Baylee Wright: ,thats true did it

Stephen Jensen: I dont peel it either.

Holly Gonzales: Yes girl…staining those lovely finger nails before going to Church on Sunday

King Martin: Actually I dont mind that as much as wasting all that time!! I could kick myself for not finding that out before.

Holly Gonzales: Well girl you know now and it works out fine

Kalani Yates: I normally dont peel mines as well….. the nutrients of it is right under the skin,so not only is it wasting time in peeling it,ure also wasting the nutrients as well

King Martin: Well, no more!

Alejandro Nichols: I dont peel mines either…..just Wash good, cut small and start to cook…. Thats my remedy😀😀

Alejandro Nichols: All the strength is in the skin….i believe

Isabel Schmidt: Taste the same. Been doing that for years.

Danielle Tate: Its true…and you wont taste the difference

Miles Mccarthy: Dont feel bad cause Ive wasted more years than you have Im sure of it! Until a cousin said to me just cut up everything and put it in the pot…My question is WHY the ass them old people use to say peel it cause it will scratch your mouth??? And the other question is… Whats up with 5 Okra in the package of fresh store bought Callaloo pack??? I always thought need more Okra???

Nicolas Manning: Well, I is one ah dem ole people who mouth does scratch lol, it really does have people who are allergic. I cannot even peel a dasheen without gloves. I cannot even touch it when its raw. I have made callalloo countless times without peeling the skin …See more