Rubbish pic but wasnt planning to do a review 😂 Zulus!!! Omg, it wa…

Rubbish pic but wasnt planning to do a review 😂 Zulus!!! Omg, it was amazing.. I love a Nandos and this is def on par. Spicy peri peri wrap with rice and chips, my pal got the same its only £7.00 for a wrap with a side and a drink. So great value! My wee boy got a plain one and loved it aswell, and nachos for my wee girl ( Just tortilla chips with cheese on but its £3.50 so cant complain ) All the food was hot and fresh, delivered quick aswell… A hard 9/10 for ahin Bra so it was 😋🐽

Kaitlyn Nichols: Hangover munch steamboat? 😂❤

Ruby Garrett: Zulus is class get it on the dundee takeaway app too

Journee Rivera: Aw is it! I didnt know that, il make sure I use that next time ☺️

Ruby Garrett: Yeh Louise no service charge either

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Dundee Takeaways

Ruby Garrett: German Doner too got quite a few just eat dont have too, keep it local n all that ❤️

Journee Rivera: Yeah I hate using just eat but its annoying sometimes when youve no cash on you 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ruby Garrett: Well now you know that theres another alternative mate and its local

Maisie Marsh: Defo filling, I couldnt finish mine when I had it last wk, defo worth the money x

Journee Rivera: Oooft it was a struggle! lol xx

Amara Brown: Love Zulus!!