Rt now I am at apple city family restaurant…. The waitress we have i…

Rt now I am at apple city family restaurant…. The waitress we have is horrible… Never got our drinks, we just ordered 2 minutes later my friend got her food… Not sure if it is even hers. How is that even possible. Im still waiting for mine. She brought something to me that wasnt even what I ordered. She took it back and I am still waiting. Finally got my food. My friend is almost done and she had an omlet, hash browns, raisen toast. I only got a sandwich and fries. Must say though she keeps bringing me cofee… She hasnt asked how our food is….oh and I figured who also was suppose to be getting coffee…. The lady behind me is still waiting for hers. She brought us our bill and asked how everything was. The busser has hickys all over his neck. This is the first time I have been at this restaurant. Not sure if I will be back.

Oliver Holt: Yikes, no question, I wouldnt go back.

Lane Lawrence: I thought this place closed. We went there once several years ago and were very disappointed

Adaline White: Nope its open

Alexandria Frazier: Where is it ??

Adaline White: Across from pet supplies plus and behind taco bell in Appleton northland mall area

Jaden Guzman: Gross, I would definitely complain to the manager.

Emerson Watts: Only thing that keeps that place going is Ridgeview Highlands. Been there many times, Perkins does WAY better on food and service.

Adaline White: I wanted to try something new…I think I might stay with my circle of restaurants

Parker Parker: I sometimes try new one but generally I too stick with the same few.

Oliver Holt: I went there a time or two when my aunt lived at Riverview Highlands – wasnt impressed.

Danielle Powell: I was with Adaline White: and the service was horrific, my toast was charred however my Athenian omelette was one of the best tasting things I have had in a long long time.. delicious

Ivy Williams: I live so close and have never heard of them or seen an add.