Asking for a friend – anyone know where she can get a gluten-free sub?…

Asking for a friend – anyone know where she can get a gluten-free sub?

Adriana Powell: Erbert and Gerberts offer GF bread. Jimmy Johns offers the Unwich which is just a lettuce wrap.

Cody Wagner: She just went to E&G and they got rid of the GF bread, unfortunately.

Adriana Powell: What? I just had one on Friday! Crazyď

Adriana Powell: Omg! I just tried ordering online. Yep, no more GF. I am SO bummed. JJs is the WORST place, so I refuse to go there. The only other place Ive gotten a GF sandwich is Paninoteca, but they have limited hours I believe.

Cody Wagner: Yeah its their weekly family treat, and now shes bummed beyond belief. Im hoping someone knows of another option, but Ill pass that along about Paninoteca, thanks!

Cody Wagner: I just remembered, Stucs has gf!

Maria Lowe: Does Pizza King have Gluten Free sandwiches?

Cody Wagner: Im not sure, Ill have to look up their menu. I always forget they have sandwiches!

Aaron Hall: Culvers has gf buns too!!

Jax Mathis: Not a sub, but Snaps has gf wraps

Royalty Webb: What about Panera? Also, Id check with New York Deli, they might have GF bread options.

Adaline Roberts: Jimmy Johns owner kills endangered animals for fun and they treat their employees like dirt.

Daphne Armstrong: Nutrition cafe on American Drive in Neenah has gluten free paninis and wraps.

Daphne Armstrong:

Christian Floyd: Sweet Treats and Eats same minimall as Flowerama 2100 W WI Ave healty sandwichs, deserts some gluten free, stevia not sugar.

Gavin Casey: Erberts and Gerberts in Appleton

Cody Wagner: They stopped carrying it

Gavin Casey: Zuppas sometimes has GF bread!

Jayceon Ward: The UNwich at Jimmy Johns

Zoey Watts: Green Gecko Grocer and Deli offers gluten free bread for any of our grilled or toasted sandwiches and has gluten free meringues for dessert.

Zion Porter: Sams subs

Gavin Casey: Is there a Sams subs around here?

Cody Wagner: Havent heard of it :/

Gavin Casey: Me either I would like some more Gluten free sub places!