Recommendation on best calming supplement for a hot mare?

Recommendation on best calming supplement for a hot mare?

Jada Franklin: Smart paks cool and calm helped ours.

Jordyn Gregory: Heat from diet or lack of manners?

Kaitlyn Wallace: Not from diet. Shes just a witch. And she knows manners, I dont let her get away with stuff. She wasnt ridden for years until I got her. And I am trying to work with her but she needs some thing to calm her

Jordyn Gregory: Well magnesium might help, only need a teeny tiny sprinkle in her mix. She might have a short attention span that will lengthen the more you work with her. Raspberry leaves, chaste berries are other options ☺

Lyric Matthews: I use smart calm Or quessience(high dose of magnesium) or if you think its hormone related theres tons of option there

Arianna Guerrero: Hidez mask!!!

Kaitlyn Wallace: What does that do

Arianna Guerrero: Uses compression on pressure points to relieve stress and helps with TMJ!! Theyre amazing

Remington Ramos: I agree hidez mask My colt will have mine on fir the first time Wednesday for a vet appt. My mate wore hers at midwest horse fair and helped her stay calm and relaxed in her stall all weekend. These work better than supplements.

Ximena Woods: Mare magic!!!

Isaiah Romero: Mare Magic

Skyler Rose: Cheap solution is via calm I dont like mare magic it made my baby sick. More on the exspensive Id go with a hidez mask but u only have to pay once

Kaitlyn Wallace: Via calm is what we are trying now because I had some for my gelding

Skyler Rose: Oh didnt work for her at all?

Kaitlyn Wallace: Just now going to try it on her

Kaitlyn Wallace: Like starting tomorrow lol

Skyler Rose: Ah ok I hope it works keep me updated I have one of my devils on it

Kaitlyn Wallace: My gelding was a kill lot horse so was very nervous but he no longer needs it. She is just a mess lol. Ex barrel horse

Skyler Rose: Ah makes sense lol goodluck

Ayla Paul: I use Via Calm on my gelding who gets stir crazy in winter and it works well for him. Levels him out fairly well without making him really dead or groggy or like hes on a sedative.

Annabelle Burke: Raspberry Tea Leaves.

Nicolas Wells: how do i give her that?

Annabelle Burke: You can order them in Amazon Prime

Nicolas Wells: I mean how much per week and the way to give it to her

Annabelle Burke: Nicolas Wells: sorry

Annabelle Burke: One scoop per day with her grain. If she is a bigger horse two scoops

Nicolas Wells: thank you ♥️

Landon Tran: Mollichaff calmer seemed to work for me

Maximiliano Hicks: Mare majoc