I have a question xx please no bad words or anything to do with going …

I have a question xx please no bad words or anything to do with going bit less …. What bit would you use for a 7 year old who has never been bitted before? Xxx Tia 😘

Kehlani Hoffman: Rubber bits are good starters. Monty goes in a rubber snaffle, D-ring.

Olive Hines: Is it good?? Xx

Kehlani Hoffman: Do you think I of all people would use a bit that isnt good on my 50k show horse? Lol

Olive Hines: Sophia Anne Hart good point xx

Gia Hansen: O or D ring snaffle with dog bone

Alaina Abbott: Started mine in a copper mouth eggbutt snaffle, its the only bit he likes now

Katie Mclaughlin: Some sort of snaffle

Ashley Ryan: have started all mine in a tom thumb snaffle

Bella Elliott: I think snaffle but not sure jane would know though babe xx

Josephine Diaz: Full cheek with copper peanut is a fab starter bit 😊

Wyatt Jacobs: D ring snaffle started cash with one and have never changed it

Gracelynn Black: My pony was in a rubber eggbutt snaffle when I first got her. xx

Tessa Jordan: Loose ring, French link snaffle.

Noah Mitchell: A rubber one is probably your best option to start off with then move onto a snaffle or stay with the rubber one if it works best (I cant remember what they are called).

Cataleya Wolfe: So the general consensus seems to be…smooth snaffle. I agree, and Id go with d-ring or full cheek. Now I want to know how many people have to stop auto correct from changing snaffle to waffle…or snuggle…or Seattle…

Matilda Moody: Snaffle maybe

August Henderson: I was told to restart mine in a full cheek snaffle he seems to like it