Quick question. I have 1 high authority website with a product page. C…

Quick question. I have 1 high authority website with a product page. Can I link to a different domain but multiple service pages. Eg. domain1.com/service: this goes hand in hand with domain2.com/service domain2.com/service2 domain2.com/service3 domain2.com/service4

David Bates: What is the goal of doing this? To get traffic to the other domains? To get the other domains to rank better? Im a little confused on what your question is?

Makenna Hampton: Sorry, its kind of confusing I know. Its ideally to do both. They are not just spam links, they make sense to be there.

Sasha Gutierrez: Are these one way links? I see this often. Users start on domain1 and follow a link to domain2 and find themselves in a new house, new neighborhood, and no way back. Of course…Im thinking about usability and conversions. Not SEO.

Aiden Ballard: Following Kims line of thought… are they one-ways? As long as theyre not reciprocal links (or are nofollow), and assuming theyre relevant, there should be no problem. Hard to judge better without seeing the particulars, though.

Emmalyn Terry: Here is more to wonder and consider:Are these links paid for? If so, nofollow them or be in violation of Google policies. Do you own both sites? If so, that makes the UX even more annoying, and confusing to users, and by splitting the sites apart, in most cases you are likely weakening overall SEO by dividing value, strength and trust between the domains.Details matter though, so it could be valid and work depending on the primary focus of each site.