GA question: Whats the easiest way to view which pages are causing the…

GA question: Whats the easiest way to view which pages are causing the most changes in daily organic bounce rates?

Juliana Perez: Set up a custom report and/or shortcut it. Thatll be the fastest and easiest way forward to have that in the future.

Graham Tucker: Let me rephrase that: Whats the easiest way to set up this up: view which pages are causing the most changes in daily organic bounce rates?

Juliana Perez: Okay, so in all seriousness, Id consider setting up a landing page shortcut that sorts by Bounce Rates, then adjust to Weighted under sort type. That should give you the pages with the most impact.

Alexis Snyder: Hire me to do it, so you dont have to. Figure an hour a day, 5 days a week (hey, even I have limits), for a month, so we can identify patterns. At my hourly rate of $350, it works out to a bargain $7,000.

Juliana Perez: Lol.

Alexis Snyder: Micah, do you think I should tell Patty that if he hires me, Ill just turn around and hire Annie Cushing to automate a report function, and pocket the difference?

Juliana Perez: Well, I could start a bidding war and undercut you… 😉

Graham Tucker: Holy shit comedy gold. No really.

Alexis Snyder: LOL go ahead underbid me Micah. In fact, you can have it. I withdraw. Its a luxury I have – being able to walk away so effortlessly, at this point in my career. 🙂

Juliana Perez: Oh look at the high and mighty Alan! If we are all so lucky…

Graham Tucker: Can I rename the Group Dumb SEO Answers?

Juliana Perez: Ouch!

Alexis Snyder: Lets be honest here Micah. Im truly only stepping aside because I think there isnt even a snowballs chance in hell Patty would pay either of us. 😉

Juliana Perez: Youll have to convince Jim on renaming

Juliana Perez: Alan Ive heard about this service called fiverr. That might work for Patty, you do everything there anyway so you can explain that at least to her

Graham Tucker: *Giiggle* *Hairflip*

Graham Tucker: Micah how about I just send you topless pics in trade

Juliana Perez: When youre already showing me a topless one in your profile pic? Pass

Alexis Snyder: Uh Micah, you know that Graham Tucker: Is really Matty Pantalloons, right? And hes a guy, so…

Graham Tucker: lol.

Graham Tucker: Alan, come on man, I think I almost scored.

Alexis Snyder: I dont mean to assign gender identity to you Patty. Maybe youre not a guy, and the person I met just has a strong, high quality appearance that leans toward masculine, but not in a negative connotation way…

Juliana Perez: Honestly, I wasnt looking too hard at the dog picture 😉 (and no, I didnt know :/)

Alexis Snyder: 🙂

Graham Tucker: Alan Im highly triggered and highly offended that you would call me that. Person? Omg safe space needed asap.

Juliana Perez: Patty, I hear theres a place over at Dogpile…

Graham Tucker: There, the real me. In the other one I was just role playing

Graham Tucker: Ok, I updated my profile pic. Can you please take me seriously now…

Juliana Perez: That is one audacious tie

Graham Tucker: Uhm, well, Mr GQ. It happens to be very colourful. Problem?

Juliana Perez: Oh nonono, Im sure it is quite a professional circus tie. No disrespect intended!

Graham Tucker: See what happens when you express yourself to the world? They laugh. They laugh and they pick away at you until. Well until they get bored of it I guess 🙁

Harley Mcbride: Graham Tucker: and in this one pole playing…

Javier Hawkins: If it were me, Id place a widget on a custom dashboard that is configured to show bounce rate by organic with secondary dimension landing page. Then use a regex function to eliminate anything under a certain number of visits or which is at 100% bounce rate, since this will be noise. Copy the URL, strip out the date parameters, and then change the widget destination to the edited URL. That way you wont have to go through the regex commands each time.

Karter Figueroa: Dont you just LOVE to see people provide serious responses to serious questions, when the thread has obviously been converted into an interview for Improv stand-ups? Way to buzz-kill, Jenny! 😛

Javier Hawkins: Silly me, I thought the questions in the name of this website implied that there would also be answers. Lol.

Alexis Snyder: Jenny blame me for this. I am, now, and shall forever be, a troublemaker. Especially in serious settings.

Juliana Perez: Only the good SEOs are…

Related Post Weber: Ask Alan about Posirank, Juliana Perez:. 🙂

Juliana Perez: Related Post Weber: Oh I saw his spiel… plus hes gotta focus on SMX this week 🙂

Javier Hawkins: We wouldnt have you any other way, Alan.

Alexis Snyder: <3
Alexis Snyder: I appreciate that Jenny. Ive ruffled a lot of feathers in the industry.