QUESTION: what is champions league? / ANSWER:cham…

QUESTION: what is champions league? / ANSWER:champions league can be define as a long process were all the European club is fighting their self to play final with real Madrid QUESTION: CLASS did you agree? yes or no

Alexia Weaver: Yes

Gemma Hines: yes ofcourse

Sarai Hawkins: Champions league is simply defined as a long process where all the Europian football clubs fight each other to play final with Real Madrid

Julie Yates: Yh

Amber Hansen: Madrid

Alaina Abbott: Yeah

Katie Mclaughlin: Yes

Ashley Ryan: O yes

Bella Elliott: YES

Josephine Griffin: 100%

Dylan Jacobs: yes

Madeleine Black: Yes

Anne Fletcher: Yep

Aubrey Garza: hala Madrid

Javier Coleman: Yes

Willow Ferguson: 10.0000

Keira Walsh: Yes champions league is made for real madrid no one can take it away from them back to back to back no size

Ariana Stewart: Yes

Remi Kim: Yes

Maci Park: Yez

Ana Hale: Yes