FIFA had announced a new question for all the foo…

FIFA had announced a new question for all the football fans. 1. Which player is famous and known /Recognize as a Biting Dog in Football? OPTIONS a.Luis Suarez of Uruguay b.Luis Suarez of Ajax c.Luis Suarez of Liverpool d.Luis Suarez of Barcelona Winners will get 100m euros From FIFA

Juan Mack: D

Francesca Pratt: A

Julian Jensen: A & D

Max Underwood: A&D

Liam Chandler: Luish suarez of bollywood acting star

Maeve Brooks: suarez of liverpool

Nia Hart::


Elijah Collins: c

Nia Hart::


Haven Aguilar: Suarez of barca

Maci Tate: all

Nia Hart::

Maci Tate: funny…yes its all him

Elizabeth Goodman: C

Nia Hart::



Chance Mccormick: Fifalona

Sage Hampton: A

Malia Duncan: C

Remi Fowler: A&C

Justice Doyle: Luis bite mama

Angela Holmes: D

Priscilla Yates: d

Carter Stevens: luis suarez of uruguay nd liverpool

Nia Hart::


Allyson Brock: Abc

Blake Sharp: None of the above

Nia Hart: Liar

Eduardo Watson: a and d

Nia Hart::

Eduardo Watson: hahahaha

Eduardo Watson: brother r u ronado fan??

Nia Hart: RMA and CR7

Eduardo Watson: i like both messi and ronaldo because both are amazing goal scorer

Nia Hart: Ya no doubt about that

Eduardo Watson: hmmm great brother what you think who will win ballondor this year

Nia Hart: I think that will be decided by the perfomances of the Worldcup, lets wait and see

Eduardo Watson: hmmm right

Helen Cox: All of the above

Nia Hart::


Charlie Barrett: D

Katherine Ford: luis suarez of barca b/c he is just success in cups

Katelyn Mullins: all

Elena Stephens: All

Ruby Floyd: C

Adelynn Swanson: suarez of liverpool

Theodore Rice: L.Suarez Diaz of Liverpool