Question regarding Mustang Res, price looks dirt cheap but not sure wh…

Question regarding Mustang Res, price looks dirt cheap but not sure why the huge sell off. It is a company worth a small punt at these prices? Thx

Gavin Wolfe: From what Ive read, management are dodgy as fuck

Juliana Graves: you meant the old big boss, right?

Allie Griffin: If you search back there was heaps of posts about this back from when it all went to shit in regards to the auction that happened.

Christina Lyons: Things arent the same

Logan Perkins: Wouldnt touch this with a 10 foot pole

Hailey Quinn: Im surprised when they say they are on track for vanadium production in a year?! Lol

Kali Rowe: If they can prove positive cash flow then sentiment will change but they failed colossally with the ruby auction late last year- a lot of people are deep in the red so if/when this goes up there will be massive sell offs

Juliana Graves: I am going against market sentiment and buying at every possible opportunities. The auction failed for sure but always remember that this is not an easy to table commodity like gold or silver or copper. The biggest requirement of monetizing this is the management and looks like they didnt have that critical piece of the puzzle last time around. Moving the sales from auctions to OTC in Bangkok seems like the right direction for now. When everything else fails, goods in the ground matter and by the looks of their initial graphite and vanadium results, they have a mini Syrah forming up in the right jurisdiction. Looking at the above two resources and the fact that no one wants to touch MUS (some are not ready to touch it it even with 40 ft barge poles), this seems the right time to dip in now. Down side – LIMITEDUp side – 3 bagger or even more if one of three commodity gets more traction.

Corbin Hicks: I agree with this. Huge upside and little down side! Should have a lot of support around these prices!

Juliana Graves: Corbin Hicks: the tide turns. For companies like MUS it turns at the slowest pace but the market can only ignore the good news for so long. Once the old holders are flushed out, the string of good news expected over the next 6-9 months should be enough…See more

Corbin Hicks: They admitted their failures with the auction which i think is extremely good of them. I dont think it will ever get as high as prior to the auction but certainly double these levels!

Tyler Guzman: Caused a huge disturbance in the Force when their foray into rubies fell flat… lack of understanding of the market by retailers and management alike imo.

Collin Morton: Tried conning the jemstone industry and failed big time. I got my butt kick big time.

Kaia Conner: my eyes. aaarrrgghh i want to pierce them with pencils

Jayla Weaver: Chart looks horrible 😂