Couple of questions. What platform do you guys use to buy stocks in th…

Couple of questions. What platform do you guys use to buy stocks in the US. And if wanted to short stocks in the US what would you reccommend?

Aaron Love: Would only short using put options and recently got a call from a broking service named monex securities. Cant remember what their rates were but from memory provide US stocks fairly cheap, and Im not sure if they do options trading but yea

Kylee Malone: I use Charles Schwab. Can trade options and stock brokerage is cheap

Karina Howell: Same

Hunter Pittman: I dont trade US stocks but I do occasionally short or go long on some or indices with etoro…

Myra Castro: Is etoro alright…?Surely gotta be better than plus 500

Aaron Love: Stay away from plus 500

Helena Moore: Whats the negatives of plus 500 against etoro

Destiny Johnson: Etoro

Liberty Clarke: The great commsec

Caleb Yates: Interesting. Didnt know CommSec did it. I use nabtrade and Im sure they dont do it

Vivienne King: I use commsec its the bomb, handy when it comes to tax time! Has dates, the currency conversion, my accountant was happy. Im sure the others do too. Just is very practical. Make sure you hang on to those damn statements on OS transactions! Ive never lost one! But its very important you keep! Ive heard of someone having to pay an American company 500bucks for one statement!