Question for landlords: Ive received a couple dozen inquiries from peo…

Question for landlords: Ive received a couple dozen inquiries from people to live in my rent house. After screening and mailing six of them an application, no one has officially submitted it back. How do I motivate them to move quicker?

Lydia Miller: I would find new people…b/c if they dont submit an application in time, whos to say they will pay their rent in time, its all a test

Axel Ruiz: Call them.

Molly Davis: You shouldnt waste their time with mail. Get an online app or something they can fill out online

Selena Fuller: Do you have a suggested online form?

Molly Davis: Not particularly. A word document that they can sign and fill out is a start. If you are going to to do an online app would definitely recommend you put it on an https rather than http site. Assuming you will collect ss# and other sensitive data.

Dean Norris: I use and I love it. Quick, easy, and accurate thus far.
Tenant Screening | TransUnion SmartMove | Tenant Background…

Norah Miles: I also recommend this site for screening tenants. And best of all, the TENANTS pay for their own background screening – not the landlord.

Kai Collins: I have a on online application I built on Google forms… once I have that I use SmartMove as Dana posted above.

Selena Fuller: Would it be possible to get a copy?

Kai Collins: Send me an email at [email protected]. It is really easy to create… I can copy it and send to you.

Matilda Cunningham: Because of mail..thats the problem. Everything now can be done digitally.

Charlee Griffin: Do you screen , then mail, then show?I phone screen asking if they have the required income and credit , pets , etc … , and show the place , then I have interested parties fill an application at the showing.

Dean Norris: I usually hold an open house to avoid me having to go to the property multiple times. This gives me an opportunity to meet them (multiple people at one time). They can fill out a paper app while onsite, if they meet the general qualifications, I email them the smartmove application at that time.

Charlee Griffin: Dean Norris: like everything else in sales, if you let them walk away without sealing the deal theyre gone, if your market is low on availability, its not a problem….. If you have houses looking for tenants , its deadly

Dean Norris: 100% agree Charlee Griffin:

Gael Turner: I schedule 2, 3 or 4 at the same time if possible. If more than one is interested the competition can heat up. I have pens, clipboards and applications with me. I tell them I have an agreement on the application that says they will pay $100 with the a…See more

Margaret Williamson: Yep…I second I work with tenants and rentals move so quick that by the time theyve gotten your app in the mail theyve probably already found something else
Tenant Screening | TransUnion SmartMove | Tenant Background…

Kayla Butler: Always always meet the person first….. only after they pass this stage should u ask to complete application..

Ada Lowe: I use a property management company, to handle all of this its so easy

Nadia Anderson: What do they charge you to find tenants? In Spokane Washington they can, and will charge up to a half or even full first months rent, plus you have to pay for any advertising they do.

Ada Lowe: Nadia Anderson: my guy charges 10% of the rent monthly. Cheap since he handles everything

Madelyn Bishop: another web site for different applicants

Lilliana Cox: We do not give our application out unless they pay the 40 fee. We want serious applicants only

Jordan Pittman: Online or face to face

Myles Klein: Get your rental applications in electronic form so it is easier to fill out, they can esign, and you get them back immediately.

Gael Turner: I wont accept an application without money. Too many cases of people putting in applications all over town searching for a better and better deal. Ive done a credit check, approved the people and then have them tell me, Oh, I rented another apartment. Now I ask for $100 up front. If youre approved and dont take the apt. youre out $100.

Myles Klein: Gael Turner: Then also make them pay the $100 app fee through credit card.

Gael Turner: Myles Klein: Guess that would work Katie.

Adrian Martinez: Myles Klein: They will dispute it if they are savvy.

Myles Klein: Adrian Martinez: And they will lose if it is clear that there is a non-refundable fee associated with the application. Just be careful not to overcharge for the credit check, etc.

Adrian Martinez: Im tracking! Most of the time its not clear just from watching other landlords lose their app fee.

Kayden Love: Sounds like the people are not serious.

Gael Turner: Thats what I think. If they are really interested they will be on the phone to you immediately.

Kinley Cannon: They should motivate themselves. Hire a property manager and they will find the right tenant. I manage several properties in Indiana and have a pretty good screening process.

Amina Sims: Do you carry E&O?

Kinley Cannon: No we do not.

Amina Sims: Kinley Cannon: how many units do you have?

June Moore: Check out onsite rental applications, it costs $40 for the applicant and will cover everything from credit to background check. And it will tell you they are serious and doesnt waste time!

Gael Turner: Sounds like it checks many things. Does it call the employer and ask about employment? Does it call the last 2 landlords to get references? Most of the on-line screening Ive seen only cover what can be pulled up on a computer. If thats the case, it wouldnt be enough for me.

Francisco Romero: call

Emery Nguyen: Use a good property management team, that way tou do not have to spend time doing this. Secondly, why are YOU having to continually reach out to potential tenants. If the house is nice and appropriately priced, they should be beating down your door. I rarely have a problem with the amount of tenants that show interest in our property.

June Carroll: I screen all applicants over email first and disclose the application fee. I set up showings on a saturday over a 3 hour window. I take applications and the fee from those interested. Then I choose from the best candidates. I havent had a tenant miss a payment in 10 years. I think being diligent has helped with this plus Ive been lucky. I will check out mysmartmove.