Question: FB stock plummets from Cambridge Analytica scandal. Buy now,…

Question: FB stock plummets from Cambridge Analytica scandal. Buy now, or wait?

Adelyn Kelly: If you are a long-term investor, #FB is a strong company, with a lot of cash and a lot of users. Buying it now is as good as buying it anytime.If you are a trader and you would want to trade in and out, your guess is as good as anyone else.

Adelyn Kelly: But, we do have some hardcore traders in the group 🙂 They will for sure chime in!

Ashley Bradley: I dont speculate. Im a buy and hold investor

Adelyn Kelly: Awesome! Me too! I personally own FB and plan to keep!

Ashley Bradley: thanks for the tip!

Summer Singleton: Even as a buy and hold investor, dont buy when its dropping like a rock.

Adelyn Kelly: The problem is no-one knows where is the bottom. But, its fair to hold-off to see until the dust settles a bit.

Summer Singleton: I see swing trade opportunities here, but I dont see an optimal long term hold entry.

Peyton Johnston: Hoda Mehr Youll know where the bottom *WAS*, after weve passed it. Seems wise to wait for that. Better to get back in on the way up.

Isabel Ortiz: Sold a put. Got 3 months. Let us see…Many of these things blow over with the next ‘crisis or scandal or tweet, whatever.

Asher Rodriguez: I would want to pile up on WDC and MU

Dallas Ballard: Id wait to get in around $140, if it goes that low. Zuckerberg will go to Congress, theyll rake him over the coals to let everyone know theyre doing something, then it will be business as usual.

Josie Powell: Reminds me of pharmaceuticals about a year ago…Even companies that got punished are trading near their prices a year ago!

Cameron Martin: 150-155 first zone, if this fails, 132 zone