Any offline retailer you consider to be a good long term investment? I…

Any offline retailer you consider to be a good long term investment? I ask because I dont have faith in many offline retailers but I love a good counterargument.

Ezekiel Mann: Lol does Walmart count theyre kinda half and half

Sabrina Pratt: I dont like Wal-Marts ethics and I could see them doing significantly worse in the next 10 years

Ezekiel Mann: Sabrina Pratt: answer this honestly… do you shop at Walmart? If the answer is yes then I would consider buying the stock, if you like a company and its product awesome! if you hate the company and still buy there product… gold mine

Sabrina Pratt: I shop at meijer in my city so no lol

Sabrina Pratt: Wal-Mart is depressing

Alicia Watson: I own Walmart, target and Macys (cost basis is at a much lower valuation than todays price) probably not a buyer today. I hold primarily for dividend and appreciation 2nd

Michael Collins: TJX, ROST

Kali Mendez: BABA Jet

Destiny Lambert: clearly youve never heard of the largest retailer in the world, walmart, or done much research

Ezekiel Mann: Technically amazon would be the biggest retailer in the world by market cap

Zion Mullins: AMZN is not an offline retailer. WMT is…

Sabrina Pratt: I said good long term investment

Zion Mullins: Then I dont even understand your question. Good luck

Giuliana Hill: If I were looking at retail stock, I think I would focus on companies that have a modified current ratio greater than 1 (modified current ratio= cash/current liabilities). I would also be looking for a company that generates enough cash flow from operations to replace its current cash in 18 months or less. This would be a company that could perform well in todays increasingly digital marketplace.

Jazlyn Ball: Its a hard sector. Like Giuliana Hill: Ill stay away from retailers with debt, which eliminates a lot of them. The few that are left that might be worthy:Five Below:
Stock Card

Ashlynn Conner: cost

Gael Brooks: KR