Posting for my friend Kyle Townsend (Not on facebook) per his request….

Posting for my friend Kyle Townsend (Not on facebook) per his request. He went to the Shamrock Golf Course in New London for dinner and the entertainment. First of all he called and made reservations for a table near the singer. He was seated in an area where he couldnt see or hear the singer. Next he ordered the steak special which was a stuffed Rib Eye . One hour later the waitress brought him the Seafood platter. When informed he had ordered the steak, the waitress argued with him that he ordered what she brought. He asked for a manager who gave him a free drink and 20% off his bill. He stated he will not be going back.

Adrian Guzman: Great server! She should have been booted for her rudeness. And 20% for an error in the wrong food? I would have paid nothing & walked out! Thanks for the info!

Adrianna Blake: We used to go there too for their Friday night fish because it was delicious, but then they got a new cook and the food and portions were terrible, so we quit going.

Skyla Harvey: Ditto, walk out

Skyla Harvey: And write a review

Carter Craig: Why eat food you never order?

Mariana Nelson: I trust Ed and am sure he wouldnt post anything if it werent true.

Priscilla Martin: Kyle is my co worker and asked me to post for him.

Jayla Walters: So people without social media accounts get to have a voice on social media? Shouldnt restaurant reviews, especially negative ones, be limited to the people who actually experienced it and are members of the group?

Priscilla Martin: This is my group. Any other questions Jacob?

Adriana Tate: You dont need to have a social media account to have a restaurant review. So yeah people without social media accounts are allowed to have opinions. This isnt some secret society. Im not sure why youre taking this so personally..

Priscilla Martin: At least spell my name right when you challenge me. My friend and co worker asked me three times to post the review for him. Please read the guidelines if you have any other questions.

Jayla Walters: you didnt even follow your own guidelines.

Alexis Sanchez: Jacob, you are welcome to remove yourself if you dont enjoy the group. Its pretty clear that you are very easily triggered. Guidelines are just that. They arent law. Move on.

Dylan Morin:


Todd Drum:


Jayla Walters: Im so triggered. Whats next, calling me “snowflake?”

Skyler Curtis: Ed Engelman can you make that guy go away-he is always very rude and picking a fight no matter what restl it is-group member or not-please remove him-I think he does it on purpose just to have something to do-

Ophelia Warner: I dont understand why this post breaks any rule, guideline or law.

Xavier Lewis: Seriously….I thought we were adults? Who cares who writes the review?

Jayla Walters:
Double Hearsay / Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Adrianna Blake: It says Fox Valley Resturant reviews. According to Jayla Walters:s Facebook page, he lives in Milwaukee, so why is he worried so much about Fox Valley Restaurant Reviews.

Jayla Walters: Maybe because my parents and older brother still live in the Fox Valley and I have friends from high school there? I visit the area frequently, and I joined the group because I was hoping to discover some decent restaurants instead of the mediocre crap that passes for food up there. Not that its any of your business.

Skyler Curtis: Jayla Walters: why dont you open a rest. up here and show us how it really gets done-would love to see the other side of life-

Cassidy Rodgers: If we cant trust Ed on here, there is no reason to have the group..

Madilynn Stewart: My word yall. Calm down. Ed does an amazing job with this website and I have NEVER seen him be anything but fair. On top of the fact that someone also validated this review. Chilllllllllll. Nothing about a restaurant review page is that serious. Happy Saturday!! ☀️

Caleb Houston: Thanks for the review. Good to know the business did something and resolved the issue.

Peter Gill: This review page always turns into people arguing. I find it thoroughly amusing that grown adults argue, call names, and pick fights with each other over a food review. Keeping it classy in 2018🤦‍♀️ #wedonthavetoagree#tomanybigegoshere

Priscilla Martin: I tried to keep it civil.

Madilynn Stewart: You didnt do anything wrong. Ive seen that guy on this site before and he is always the one that tries to challenge everyone. Its annoying.

Peter Gill: I personally agree with him. Third party reviews are not credible. Heresay. Doesnt matter who it is a relative, friend…. its still heresay. If we are all able to do this look out cause I got a ton of heresay about restaurants in the valley.

Madilynn Stewart: I can understand that point of view if it were literally anyone other than Ed.

Priscilla Martin: I understand Peter Gill: but we are co workers and friends and he asked me three times before I gave in. I posted what he asked me to.

Peter Gill: Ok. So if my friend or coworkers ask me to write a review for a restaurant I can?

Priscilla Martin: Why not invite them to our group page. This man is 63 and doesnt have facebook.

Peter Gill: They may not have Facebook either! So is that yes or no?

Madilynn Stewart: Or pm an admin with the review and go from there. Why is this still an issue?! I am so grateful for this website! Weve tried restaurants that we never would have normally based off of reviews from here.

Peter Gill: Because its not right to review something or somewhere you have not been too. Its hearsay.

Madilynn Stewart: I truly dont believe that youre using the term “hearsay” correctly in this situation. Ed simply posted exactly what his co-worker asked him to post. By definition “hearsay” is… Information received from other people which cannot be substantiated; r…See more

Priscilla Martin: Feel free to start your own group.Why are people challenging me today?

Madilynn Stewart::


Priscilla Martin: Im really a nice person until poked. Really I am. Ask anybody.

Peter Gill: I asked a simple question to you Ed but you havent answered it.

Peter Gill: How am I poking you? Cause I disagree? Wow

Madilynn Stewart::


Peter Gill: Nothing can just ever be discussed civilly in this website. I got Nicole lecturing me and Ed pissed off cause I dont agree. Lmao

Priscilla Martin: As long as it is legit. If not, if you are just trying to poke me I would advise against it. If they have a Facebook account my advise would be to ask them to join our group.

Peter Gill: See simple answer. Who said I was trying to make you mad? Lol this could have been resolved long ago with a simple answer.

Peter Gill: Thank you

Priscilla Martin: Sorry Peter Gill: but Im working one of my paying jobs so I am sorry for not being on top of your questions

Skyler Curtis: Peter Gill: then find another group!

Nora Schwartz: If you dont want to believe a third party review, then why not just keep scrolling? Nobody is telling you that you have to believe if you want to. Just like if you wrote a review on your experience, theres nothing that proves to me I have to believe you either. He wasnt reviewing the taste of the food or drinks just sharing an experience. Chillax, this wasnt intended the be so serious.

Peter Gill: I just found out my grandma passed sorry I didnt respond soon enough for ya. Thanks .

Talia Schultz: Peter Gill: if my grandmother told me she foundhair or a bug in a meal should I not post that here because she is a ‘third party???

Talia Schultz: Peter Gill: my condolences to you for your grandmother. I was trying to understand your point about third parties. I see your mind in elsewhere so we will forgive your argumentative ways.

Beau Perkins: Ed Engelman is a great person. He will go the extra mile for you.

Related Post Erickson: And we complain our politicians cant get along….people its just a review of a restaurant. Scroll through people, scroll through.

Ryker Garza: I have went to the golf course to eat many times. The food and salad bar are excellent. Never have gotten bad service or bad food. The drinks are also very good. Dont be strayed by this review.

Jude Patrick: How can someone request a table in the bar area where they dont allow people to eat because its a supper club? And where can you go to make a reservation to eat at a table and sit there all night??

Gianna French: Theres always two sides to every story!!

Raven Barber: I live in New London and this place doesnt have the best reputation. They need to readjust their customer service values.