One of my “unhealthy” veg nights 🙂 Quinoa burger, sweet potato …

One of my “unhealthy” veg nights 🙂 Quinoa burger, sweet potato fries, and also some barbecue chips on the side ✨🌱

Theodore Mullins: This would be one of my healthy nights 😂😂😂Lol jk but I definitely do worse!

Scarlet Gross: Yum

Tiffany Garrett: Enjoy! Life is too short to only eat kale.

Cooper Norton: Those chips are vegan? I thought they contained milk ingredients. Ill check again next time.

Kalani Newman: Yes they are vegan!:) these and the dill pickle ones are.. I havent found any others that are yet!

Ada Stewart: Kalani Newman: lucky, the dill pickles ones here in Canada contain milk. 😞

Cooper Norton: Kalani Newman: just checked now and they are! :)I wish I knew before. There are so many that contains milk ingredients that I just dont know anymore.

Cooper Norton: Ada Stewart: oh really? I just checked those at the same time and I live in Canada, no milk ingredients.

Ada Stewart::

Ada Stewart: I have checked packs in the store but that would have been a year or so ago. So Ill definitely try again! Dill pickle and ketchup were my favourite

Cooper Norton: Ada Stewart: maybe they didnt update the ingredients on their website and recently changed it. Because I also thought they had milk but now I just checked in the store and they didnt.

Tucker Mendoza: Milk in chips confuses me. I always check.

Kayleigh Stephens: Both dill pickle and salt and vinegar have milk ingredients every time Ive ever checked. 🙁 those were my fave.

Owen Norris: Bags in NC still say milk ingredients

Allison Welch: Ada Stewart: so do the Salt & Vinegar Lays. But luckily the Old Dutch brand are vegan!

Killian Baker: So the natural flavor in it has been asked about ? In the lays BBQ chips? Those used to be my favorite. Havent ate them in years now

Cooper Norton: Well, according to PETA theyre vegan so they must contain no animal products.

Kalani Newman: Im excited that so many people discovered they could eat something different 🙂 lol

Scarlet Gross: Well at least you arent eating meat A+

Kalani Newman: Yes girl ❤️❤️