One frame, both sides. Comments, concerns, questions?

Jon Behne: Is that honey or brood in the second pic? It don’t really look like brood but I can’t tell for sure

Bob Mann: We’ll let that stew for a bit, answers later. 😉

Jon Behne: if that’s brood they are screwed!!

Katrina Emirzian: Bob Mann we’ve been stewing all day ?

Katharina Davitt: Is that brood or covered pollen? Can’t tell for sure. Either way not good looking.

Bob Mann: The second pic of the frame is in higher resolution so if you are on a PC you can right click and ‘view image’ for a close up. (after clicking it first)

Orville L Williams: Im guessing dark pollen.

Jon Behne: But it is capped. That’s what is throwing me in the second pic

Donald Ross: She’s not a good layer or the queen is gone and it looks like an emergency Queen cell

Jeff Meyers: I don’t see anything resembling a queen cell. Where do you see one?

Donald Ross: Jeff Meyers on the second frame toward the top middle if I enlarge the photo I am sure it looks like a queen cup

Jeff Meyers: It looked like burr comb to me, but there could be a tiny cup there

Bob Mann: A little burr comb.

Kevin McCormick: Looks like they got they frame ready and she has laid in it already.Looks like c shaped larvae in the center already.

Katharina Davitt: I lean towards entombed pollen. They are detecting something and cover it. I would take this frame out of production and investigate further.

Jane L Harding: Why is there nothing in the lower outer edges? Also, it look like a typical overall brood pattern but upside down.

Kevin McCormick: Those are MannLake all plastic frames.I had some that did the same.We took them mostly out and went with small cell wax.If you coat them with more wax they draw them out better.

Bob Mann: It’s more a timing and resource issue and not a plastic frame issue, no matter the manufacturer. They will draw out plastic just great, until there is a dearth, low flow or a weaker colony. What didn’t get drawn out, the wax provided on the plastic cel…See more

Jane L Harding: Bob Mann what about the pattern being upside down? My hubby says that’s brood, but can’t really see what’s going on.

Bob Mann: Most definitely honey. I thought it was brood as well when I first pulled it. Thought the worst for a moment. Had a vision of a bonfire.

Debbi Sherman: newbie question: what SHOULD the pattern be?

Chris Proctor: My first guess would be EFB from the dark sunken caps.

Bob Mann: At first glance and being it’s facing a frame of capped brood of similar color, it could raise a momentary alarm bell. EFB not so much but AFB could be a guess.

Jackie Randolph: Following cause I am new at this. Lol

Erin R. Myers: It doesn’t look like you have any eggs, larva or brood. Needs a queen!

Bob Mann: Queen right and a healthy nuc colony. Three double sided capped brood frames and pearly white uncapped larvae that is wet with jelly.

Savannah Vey: Don’t care much for the corners do they?

Savannah Vey: Can’t get it to magnify close enough, but kinda looks like dead brood. There is no honey I see.

Bob Mann: It does look like dead brood!

Jeff Meyers: What position did this frame come from?

Bob Mann: Frame 4 in a nuc. Took pic when put in 10 deep.

Robin Smith: Have you seen the queen and are there any eggs as it’s not full with brood

Chellise Keller: Looks like a potential foulbrood issue

Bob Mann: Very similar. If it were actually brood. 😉

Chellise Keller: Ohhh interesting I’m intrigued!

Bob Mann: Honey.

Bob Mann:

Annamari Soljic: .

Katharina Davitt: Not foul brood. Neither EFB or AFB. AFB produces sunken caps that look greasy.

Bob Mann: Yes, advanced AFB could be greasy or even runny with dark ooze.

Jaht Tafari: No honey arch

Ray Smith: I dont think there is anything wrong with this frame. Note how the shallow cells undrawn are just as dark(wax) as the “old” part. What ever is going on, it’s in their feet, their diet or their genetics.. I think it all looks uniform, healthy and normal. lets see some other frames. As to the pollen, it could be entombed idk, but if it is, then the bees knows its no good, and if it isnt, its just dried on top and stained by the wax, or perhaps a mold. Probably just wax stained. I have a few old frames this color with pollen on it, the pollen turns the same, but they eat it. this year the same old frame has more dark pollen in it, which makes me think it’s just stained but Iphones and eyeballs take different pics! My opinions are free, but my honey is 20$ per oz. (I dont sell a lot of honey)

Kevin McCormick: Looking forward to hear Bob’s response.

Justin James Lanyon-Olver: Looks like foul Brood to me

Ed Kliman: This newbie beek would like to know why, please.

Bob Mann: It look a heck of a lot like AFB, but it’s just honey. Imagine that. Here’s brood from the same colony.

Erin R. Myers: I know it wasn’t sick either just didn’t see any brood so that was my guess. But you never did show the other frames. Lol

Justin James Lanyon-Olver: Bob Mann are you agreeing with me that it “looks” like AFB? I’ve never seen it in my own hives but trying to remain vigilant as we’ve had an outbreak near.

Kevin McCormick: I new it was nothing.Glad it is is all good.