Do you give the bee frames straight back after the honey harvest?

I have a question for everyone about what to do with frames after the honey harvest. Do you give them straight back? It seems like it might incite robbing? Do you just wait to give them back until Spring when there is less risk?

Patricia Cropper: Give them back. They will clean up ND rebuild

Kevin McCormick: It is good to have them clean them up for you.

Ray Gerwitz: Put them back in.They will take less time to build comb and spend more time filling them

James Slemp: Natalie when your done with extracting put them back in there box and take super back to hive at dusk and put on hive you took it from this will give them all night to start to clean it up and if your concerened about robbing close entrance in to 4 or 5 inches making it easy for bees in the hive to keep robbers out.

Natalie Howe: Thanks James Slemp! That makes a lot of sense.

James Slemp: Natalie Howe If you dont have some good books on disease then when you get time google Honey Bee Disease Pictures lot of info there good luck

Debbie Burkett: We spin two frames and put them back and pull 2 more. Easy breezy and the girls love it.