ok I got a question here, how does one find out what they are? it may …

ok I got a question here, how does one find out what they are? it may not be something that this website would need on here but I thought id ask any way DX

Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison: Facebook.com

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Typically by finding out what real vampires are, and recognizing that hey, that fits… lol

Julianna Michaele: Everyone goes to their own self discovery the more knowledge that they build upon. Did you feel that sometimes the thing that happens is that people who are looking for themselves ask others what they think they might be and thats when a lot of trouble starts. People cant tell you who you are only you can do that only you can self validate.

Jon Pysz: You can rely on the internet. Maybe books. But I learned through time that Im a different breed

Ali Ducharme: if/when you are one, as you awaken, and find validation for yourself within. yourself, you will or at least may find yourself able to identify others and as you express yourself, those others may confirm it (or not). just be aware that there are many whom will disparage your claims in the OVC for different reasons: some to test you, others to be pitas because they recognize youre the real thing and most times, theyre not and are hlvs or roleplayers who want to be what you are. after awhile, when that was happening with me, I became somewhat skilled in telling one from the other

Rei Tadashi Fermil: Its a journey of self knowledge and increasing self discovery. You know that something is missing, a need to be filled that nothing can seem to answer. Following instincts. Using base parameters to compare the self with others and find what and how you are different or similar with them. Then using those observations to start your research. Do remember that your search is your own and no one can tell you what you are or who to be. Learn as much as possible and take care not to get lost in your own mythology.

Ali Ducharme: anyone who says, before you know it to be true yourself, that you are this or that, whether it be something along normal or magic(k)al lines, discount what theyve told you, unless and until its proven true. why? for one, if its true, theyve broken the rules of prophetic utterance. those with a prophetic gift are only to confirm what you already know. not be source of first mention.. all were allowed to do is give obscure hints and guide you to the answers. thats where the company policy originated from which Rei mentioned

Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison: Until we have true, scientific/medical data, all we have is anecdotal reckonings that this is what I am…

Ali Ducharme: it sure would be nice for data to confirm.our reckonings, though, but the mystical doesnt always show up under microscopes, which is both a good & bad thing..