Hello all. Im nearing the end of my current book, which will be publis…

Hello all. Im nearing the end of my current book, which will be published by Dark Moon Press once all the editing is complete, and I have a little research project Ill need to get started on for my next work. So, heres the question: Does anyone here have enough engineering experience to help me build a small device that can create an electromagnetic wave that will oscillate at 100 hz or less? Or perhaps know any way to detect or measure EM waves in those ranges?
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How do you create electromagnetic waves and manipulate its…

Donna Michele Fernstrom: …thats a convoluted train of thought that led to this question being posed to vampires, isnt it?

Shirley Ujest: I… do not. Come from a long line of illustrious engineers, can barely wire a lamp, sorry 🙁

J.m. Dixon: Donna, its not too terribly convoluted when you understand all that is behind it. My hiccup here is how much I can reveal at this point, when I have intentions of writing a book on the subject. Nevertheless, to continue my research I will definitely need the help of persons with different expertise than my own.In short, signals in the human brain and nervous signals run on frequencies between 0 and 100 hz. Like electrical wires, these signals produce EM waves on those same frequencies, which means that every human emits photons with these very same frequencies. These photons, vibrating on the same frequencies as the human electrical system, may be the medium through which energy is transferred when vampires like us feed on the energy of others. This hypothesis should explain nearly every aspect of energy feeding, like why ambient feeding isnt as satisfying as direct contact, or why different emotions taste different to the vampire.RL, thanks for the link. I appreciate it.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: No, I figured out the progression of thought, but despite the fact that a substantial proportion of the VC are psy-vamps, I do have doubts that very many of them know much about ELF waves, much less have the electronics know-how to answer this.You may have more luck in some paranormal investigations groups.

RL Sushko: Maybe thats where us non-vamps come in handy . . . Ive been studying this for years . . . unfortunately I know nothing about building said contraptions

J.m. Dixon: Thats a very good point, Donna. Ill bet some paranormal investigators have already explored some of this.RL, same here. I can use electronics well, but even the basics of how its guts work confound me. Right now Im looking into Poulsen arc oscill…See more