My first post in this group. Thanks for the add. My question is why do…

My first post in this website. Thanks for the add. My question is why do I keep frying solenoids on my starter?

Josh Marxen: What year and kind of car? Is it hard to start? The more you have to crank the hotter the solenoid gets and the harder it is on it. If you have an older Ford with the solenoid on the inner fender it could be wired wrong or the quality of the cheap replacements is bad. Battery cables that are too small or corroded on the inside, or loose corroded at the ends will also tear them up. And a weak starter will still turn but can draw more power than the solenoid can handle for very long.

Chris Kirby: you need to replace the metal circuit board type piece under the solenoids usually…..or bad connections….well, thats what happened on my buick lesabre…Kept blowing solenoids