Here is my question….Im positive I have invited a few mechanics to t…

Here is my question….Im positive I have invited a few mechanics to this page, whether or not you are liscensed or just a back yard mechanic, are you willing to answer questions for anyone joining this website?

Richard Gude: Brett M Walker? You down for Ask A Mechanic?

Brett M Walker: Sure I can answer to the best of my ability.

Bryce Kenworthy: Yep I am

Leslie Tyree: id throw my question up there, but Adam Conard you and Bryce Kenworthy would laugh at me, cause its tempermental and still aint fixed.

Bryce Kenworthy: Lol ask away

Leslie Tyree: nah I will hold off for now. even chevy cant figure mine out lol

Leslie Tyree: which ones, cause now they say ecm

Bryce Kenworthy: Hahaha well it would be fixed if you got it to me yep I said ECM or the map and evap sensor

Leslie Tyree: its getting it to you was an issue

Leslie Tyree: your over an hour away. it barely made it 9 miles

Bryce Kenworthy: Yep Ive never heard of a ECM going out in a 5.3l I could almost guarantee its a sensor that would cost less then a $100 lol

Leslie Tyree: I will have them check them tomorrow

Leslie Tyree: going to tell them tomorrow when I call them

Bryce Kenworthy: I told you Id come pull it on a trailer with my truck to get here just pay my gas lol

Leslie Tyree: its just the money Bryce, I have a budget

Bryce Kenworthy: Cant have a budget with a guessing game like your in now lol

Leslie Tyree: didnt think theyd be guessing, its a dealership shouldnt they know it, not even just a mechanics shop, a dealership

Bryce Kenworthy: I use $20 to get out there max you would pay for gas is $40 lol

Leslie Tyree: Ok Ok! I get that now.

Bryce Kenworthy: They say they know thats why dealerships have so much $$$$$

Jody OFallon: I work at H&H chevy boo

Leslie Tyree: couldnt bring it there to Omaha either Jody OFallon, it barely made it 9 miles to the dealership here

Jody OFallon: I see .

Randy Hoover Jr: I could try an answer questions

Trent Holste: I wish it were sensers guys i sat beside the c9mputer it said all sensers communicating fine and it said checks ok

Trent Holste: Jody OFallon how much for you to come to exira

Leslie Tyree: Jody sells cars not a mechanic

Trent Holste: Oh shoot sorry jodi

Ronald Johnson Sr: Ask, and Ill do my best

Kevin Moore: if u are close to were i am and if i can ill fix it