Just read that kristians has been sold and the owners are leaving the …

Just read that kristians has been sold and the owners are leaving the island back to Ireland New owners with same staff hope they keep it up to the quality hard act to follow

Daniel Holt: Found out a week or so back but the new owners have already confirmed my July booking, will review it then

Cassidy Goodwin: Oh no!! Love it there and its one of the restaurants I always recommend if asked for a good place to eat 🙁

Blair Franklin: Does anybody know what it is called now and if they have a Facebook page please x

Ethan Padilla: Think they are keeping name just change of ownership

Blair Franklin: Thank you

Daniel Holt: I think thats right Steve. Chris is now chef at Vaughans Lodge in Lahinch

Ethan Padilla: Daniel Holt: would be a bit silly changing it if they can keep it rebranding can kill a business

Daniel Holt: Ethan Padilla: i agree completely

Ethan Padilla: Daniel Holt: seen it happen a lot in pdc but a lot in knutsford where I use to live and a bit in wilmslow as both have a lot of restaurants

Blair Franklin: Daniel Holt: I have found the Facebook page its Kristians restaurant

Daniel Holt: Yes thats correct Yvonne

Blair Franklin: Daniel Holt: thank you. another one Im going to miss a lot is TJS loved that place its opening up as an American diner you can get burgers and ribs anywhere in Del Carmen but Ive not seen another Caribbean restaurant anywhere.

Oscar Adkins: Good luck to the new owners. ☘️Its still called kristians and on Facebook and instagram. Same staff which is fantastic.😘Eimear and Chris worked very hard for five years to built up the restaurant. 👍❤️They set their goals and put Kristians on the map,of fine dining with a personal touch of Eimear playing the fiddle. 🎻🎼🤗Chris wrote a book as well and who knows maybe another one on the way in the future.😀Plenty of memories made from lovely customers, friends and family from all over the World. 🌎❤️👍