Bistro Real – a real treat! Chef German Blanco from la tegala opened t…

Bistro Real – a real treat! Chef German Blanco from la tegala opened this place last week and i just had to go and try it. Two of us walked in, asked for a table but no one had a clue what the were doing. Then we stood at the bar untill some said our table will be ready in a few minutes. While we were waiting we had a tapa(pintxo) at the bar bread was soggy but the topping was good. Once at the table menu seemed interesting so we ordered 4 starters and a main between two of us, portions were smalll and fine, but accordingly priced too so thats a plus as you can order more variety. I also spotted a lunch menu pretty well priced according to the area in which the place is situated (arrecife centre) The scallops were absolutely amazing, their take on thai prawn curry, unique but mind blowing never tried something like it before. The meat canelonis with truffle bechamel beautiful aswell. The rissoto was a new one, red wine and oxtail….i love beef so enjoyed the strong meaty taste, rice cooked to perfection.The main course for two which was the lamb was delicious just un evenly cooked some cuts were a bit dry. Dessert was a home made cake but instead of being layerd everything was but separately on the plate. Amazing!!! Being a newly opened ventures i can understand the lack of organization in the service but food was spot on. We paid arround 80€ with wine. Not bad for soemthing of that quality. Will deffiantely return.

Gunner Colon: calle García de Hita, 8 de Arrecife.

Savanna Martinez: I think thats expensive for lanzarote

Matteo Benson: Tom 🤤

Felix Gray: Me me me !!

Carlos Conner: Why not ask each review to state location. And possibly directions. Also can you elaborate on the term good or amazing or not bad ? Could you maybe say what that meant in terms of flavours and ingredients or taste?

Maia Shaw: Sorry Diane that my review didnt live up to your expectations, im not a proffesional restaurant critic, just thought to share my opinion about my visit, posted pictures, price, quality, quantity …. sorry i missed the adress Mr, Gunner Colon: very kindly posted it in the comments. Didnt know there were guidelines for posting a review on here. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Abel Gomez: There are no strict guidelines except no swearing and thank you for your review, we want to encourage reviews on this website not restrict them. If members want to ask questions in the comments they can of course but I would never demand that a review be done in a certain way.

Felix Gray: I saw this today too ..looks good…

Abel Gomez: Maia Shaw: thank you for your review and photos for me it was great, I would ask that members to put any questions in the comments, not criticise how someone reviews because we are not all eloquent and I do not want anyone to feel intimidated into not leaving a review. ALL reviews are welcome be it a quick review or a long review with photos. Love you all and the activity on the group, no judgments on anyone please.