I’m looking to find serious private investors. Are they really out there.

Alana Ross: here

Felix Stephens: Are you lending your own money or someone elses

Alyssa Lamb: We have a great resource system in our investor community! Message me if your seriously interested.

Lila Meyer: Will do thanks

Nova Collins: PM sent Alyssa Lamb:

Preston Holt: working on it

Delilah Soto: Better get to networking with people that have money and retirement accounts

Lila Meyer: Im trying lol thanks

Lila Meyer: Thank you guys. I am looking for private investors who want to make 10% on their investments

Greyson Kennedy: How many points?

Kayden Walters: They are going to want more. We do a preferred premium on the money and a 35% cut of the after expense profit.

Kayden Walters: Go to the investor and networking groups. Going to the foreclosure auctions and handing out cards to the bidders is a good way to meet people who have money and are serious.

Nicholas Sharp: I am..

Nova Collins: Also looking

Mia Murphy: you mean those that dont disappear after meeting with you and going thru a consultation?

Preston Holt: Have a realtor you are working with?

Lilliana Mcdaniel: I am

Riley Young: We need investor in our current contracting business and also in furnish appartment business

Lilliana Mcdaniel: Riley Young: I invest in real estate

Briella Briggs: What price range?

Felix Stephens: Up to $130,000 pm me if interested

Milo Roberson: Read my book Retire Younger where I tell you in detail how to find private money investors. Its on Amazon.

Lila Meyer: Those of you who are real investors with money and want to make 10 % guarantee return in 3 to 4 months PM me.

Lila Meyer: I have my faith in God. He will lead me to the right investors and blessings will pour in. We go above and beyond with who ever we work with thanks for the pm

Lila Meyer: Lila Meyer: and yes its for fix and flip

Leslie Jordan: Looking for investor in Las Vegas

Piper Reynolds: They are far and few in between….last guy that told me he was an investor tried to sell me a bicycle… so yeah!!!

Kingston King: .

Leah Olson: 2 % per month any body intrested

Felix Stephens: Is it your money or somebody elses

Leah Olson: I will givey u, if u invest

Leah Olson: No sir, u have to lend,

Lila Meyer: Oh sorry Im looking also for private investors who are serious

Leah Olson: I will make money from ur money

Yaretzi Curtis: Not at facebook

Abel Wilson: *

Lana Bowen: Yes but they are usually people you know or meet along the way.

Leah Olson: U ask question/ interview then trust me

Leah Olson: Every company take care of there invester,

Aubree Powers: Probably. Some arent serious but goofy..

Lila Meyer: im trying to find serious investors

Paris Chapman: Its like the fight clubYou dont talk about them

Lila Meyer: But even in fight club once in a while they let someone in

Alyssa Lamb: Awesome! Be sure to pm me your email address! 😉

August Stewart: arient we all

Oakley Carson: Yes private investors do exist

Lila Meyer: Thanks

Oakley Carson: What type of investment are you looking for?

Lila Meyer: Guys I dont need people sending me your sale pitch. Im not paying for a coach or attend a free webinar that always have something to sell. What ever happened to really helping people out.

Alyssa Lamb: Well some are like belonging to country clubs except you get awesome deals without having to do a ton of leg work plus you get all the funding you need to do your rehabs or simply trying to find a contractor to do the project for you! 👍🏼 itll depends on how successful you want be and in what timeline.

Lila Meyer: I have paid before to get the same answer and it all comes to money. And I dont mind paying. But I dont want to do wholesale thats a shark world alone. I like to fix and flip. I rather buy from a wholesale person who brings me the deals but I shouldnt have to pay to be in no club

Theodore Stone: .

Kayden Walters: Pm me with questions. If I can answer I will

Oakley Carson: What is it you want a investor to do for you?Are you looking for real estate or business?

Lila Meyer: im looking for someone who has private funds that we can do business together in real estate

Oakley Carson: Why a private investor?

Grace Cain: Right here

Lana Bowen: Be careful. Most real private investors arent on this Facebook page just begging people to take their money. Majority are scams.

Lila Meyer: oh yes i can see that thanks

Delilah Soto: You meet them on your own and not on this forum

Lila Meyer: no i can always hope to meet them here. thats the beauty of facebook.i mean dont you guys go on face book to find contractors.

Delilah Soto: No…lol I get mine from people I know and talk to and get a recommendations

Lila Meyer: i hear you and you know maybe i need to look into my own people that i know. lol who knows

Oakley Carson: Private investors mindset think different.

Lila Meyer: yeah so that tells me your not an investor you may think your an investor. but the truth is most of you are just like me looking for someone to help them along the way

Oakley Carson: No I am not a investor,I have never said I am a investor.I can say if I was one and you were asking me to invest I would ask you to be more happy.

Lila Meyer: funny how investors use facebook for people to join thier webinars and scam them for the little bit of money they do have.

Alyssa Lamb: Lila Meyer: How much experience do you have in fix n flip or rehab n flip? Also do you know the difference?

Lila Meyer: Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com

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Alyssa Lamb: Also Lila Meyer: there is no scam here but a investment within yourself and your education! You can buy book go to seminars but are they up to date as we know, Real Estate changes from day to day. If you are ok with staying in the rat race. Thats ok but we are only trying to help people get to the point in life where we are.

Oakley Carson: I believe we have to excel in what we learn.We may buy a book but learn nothing from it or forget.We all are different and learn differently.

Lila Meyer: yes thats right.

Oakley Carson: OK George,lets get to it,how much money how long for what purpose commercial or residential too and do you have collateral?

Oakley Carson: Times ticking george

Lila Meyer: Looking at 150,000 to purchase and repair turn around time 45 days no longer than 120. Residential Home Collateral is deed resell value 225.000

Oakley Carson: What are you offering a investor?

Oakley Carson: Are you able to put up personal assets and collateral in the event the deal does not work out

Oakley Carson: George this is easy answers,

Charli Townsend: I can help you George but you need to have some skin in the game. 100% is not realistic!

Oakley Carson: Thank you Ralph

Oakley Carson: George you need to pm ralph

Lila Meyer: sorry guys i have 5000 and i know thats not enough

Oakley Carson: Good luck the rest is on you.

Lila Meyer: thats why i was told find a private investor

Lila Meyer: hey i told you now you know

Lila Meyer: I have a truck a trailer a boat for collateral i dont have much

Charli Townsend: Hows your credit George? Beacon score?

Charli Townsend: What is the boat worth?

Lila Meyer: 1500.00

Charli Townsend: Truck worth?

Lila Meyer: i dont know its 2010 dodge ram 1500 maybe 10,000 or so

Lila Meyer: credit is not good sorry i have no reason to lie

Lila Meyer: Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com

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Charli Townsend: Is that your business?

Lila Meyer: yes

Oakley Carson: George borrow capital from a lender in your community put it up with the investor 15,000-20,000 on asset value with poi in your community use a co signer with local history and good reputation get Ralph involved with his side.Gotta go enjoy your evening,you now have a opportunity.

Lila Meyer: ok thanks man i wont let him down if he decides to help me.

Nia Carson: What percentage of return are you offering the investor?

Charli Townsend: Are you an investor Jade? I can offer you as much as 15% of you are interested PM me

Lila Meyer: 10% for a loan of 3 or 4 months

Lila Meyer: Charli Townsend: i see you guys are doing your thing with the flips good job keep it up.

Nia Carson: Just curious. No money down and no skin in the game, you may want to increase your %. This is just friendly advice. I never lend privately to anyone I do not know, but I was trying to gain insight on how I could assist with helping you structure. Have you flipped homes before? Do you have a recent overview of projects completed?

Lila Meyer: Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com

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Lila Meyer: Nia Carson: Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com

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Nia Carson: It helps that you have contracting experience. However, from experience I have to say that successful flips are different than contract work on other peoples properties. There is more involved when youre playing both rolls. Focus more on building cre…See more

Lila Meyer: i understand that working at a home owners home the price is different when its a fix and flip home. i know prices are different. but you are right the money is whats holding me back. i was told you can find investors and thats what i am trying to find. Thanks for the input.

Lila Meyer: i was told ten percent is good so what would you recommend

Nia Carson: 10% on your first flip with 0 down is unheard of unless its a family or friend. Honestly without past flip experience or money, your best bet is to partner with someone who has the funds. Much higher %. Get creative.

Lila Meyer: I have done past flip who told you I havent done a flip.

Lila Meyer: Im sticking to my numbers thats how I am staying on budget

Lila Meyer: I will find someone

Nia Carson: Good luck

Lila Meyer: Thanks I need it

David Cross: i dont know if you are likely to find someone to fund 100% of the deal and them take 10%, likely the other way around. I did 14 last year with a guy, he funded, i did the work side, i got 10% of profit

David Cross: Nia Carson:, you have office in Nashville for TN. or can you deal here. I have question. May not go anywhere but dont know if i dont ask.

Lila Meyer: Im telling you got robbed. You made him all that money 14 properties do the math. Thats what bothers me people are so greedy. You know its okay because I write all those people who told me no I write there names on a notebook that says people who told me no. So its people that I wouldnt help.

David Cross: True, he got me, but, i got a lot of very valuable experience you cant get out of a book. But also 10% of something was better than 100% of sitting at the house

Lila Meyer: Yes for real brother

Lila Meyer: Well good night to all I will continue looking for private investors. Thanks again to all of you. But anyone who wants to invest with me private message me.

Oakley Carson: George did he make him all that money or the other way around?Ask Nathan how many investors wanted to help him or banks and how much he learned.If you commissioned 45 billion USD do you think you will get paid 90% of that profit.10% is not a lot but…See more

Lila Meyer: Yes I agree with you some money is better than nothing.

Leah Olson: 24 % per annum,

Leah Olson: R u intrested

Oakley Carson: Leah Olson: were you not looking for investors?

Amir Wood: Yes they are. Mainly to spot a good opportunity, and purchase it out from under you. Most commonly though finding an investor sounds very business savvy, but you have to remember that they want their money back PLUS interest within a certain time frame.


Oakley Carson: George you have a lot of good advice and opportunity.You are not reading through the lines,I will help you out.150,000 for roi 30-50% of profit for resell,let a investor be involved in the process,this protects the investment.You need to put 10-30% of your purchase down if you do not have it,get a family member to co sign for a personal loan not to exceed thirty percent of the investment.This does a couple things it shows the investor you are willing to take the risk with him or her and it puts you in a better resell position plus it will show you are supported in what you are doing.George you had a lot of people step up from my last post,your thinking is preventing you from being successful in crossing over to the next level.Get 10% out of your head.You are not putting up the investment,you are not doing documentation with 30years of experience and seeing how you are asking them and not the other way around,you can only listen to offers after your percentage is turned down.Your opportunities will fade if you do not change your thought pattern.George its not a fight for money,your fight is finding a investor who wants to get involved with you.Like looking for a date with the hottest girl in college,shes got options.Stay humble George and reassess your thinking.

Lila Meyer: Lol

Lila Meyer: Truthfully I wish I can show you all the houses I have worked in all the people I have done work with before. I I am truly a hard worker and Im very picky at what I do I take extremely pride in everything that I do and I go above and beyond whether i…See more

Mary Terry: Lila Meyer: to be blunt, I dont need or want to see your work. I want to see a spreadsheet showing profits. Pride is wonderful but as an investor, Id be worried that youd overspend your time or money. If I was going to buy to live in one of your houses, youd be my kind of guy. You are bragging that you may make a “little bit of money” and be fine with that? Well thats my money, as in shark tank, Im out.

Sage Patterson: MIDDLE NAMES FOR GIRLS THAT SUIT JUST ABOUT ANY STYLE Dixon: you can help me reach out to investors as well

Sage Patterson: Oakley Carson: pm for more details

Oakley Carson: George you just had a minimal of 3 investor, two contacts to a network of investors and one possible at a minimal.You have at least two stepped out one on the fence.You just had 7 possibilities in less than 24hours.

Lila Meyer: Dude Im sorry I didnt see it coming

Lila Meyer: If you ready to work on some deals then lets stop the bs Ive told everyone in this chat my money situation my credit like I said I have no shame in telling people the truth but you know where I stand. I dont know whos real and whos fake. The only …See more

Lila Meyer: You see the problem I have investors think because they put up the money now they want to make half of profits and Im sorry I cant do that especially if the investor is not lifting a hammer and doing any work. Im not going to fix the entire house and…See more

Oakley Carson: George you probably do good work no question.The money game is different than picking up a hammer,that is what you are playing,I suck at picking up a hammer but I will do it if I have to.I can only explain on this for you.Alot of investors do not think your ready yet.Mainly because of the way you see things.

Mariah Robertson: Why not do half until you have enough of youre own money to do it on your own? You would learn a lot along the way.

Lila Meyer: Oakley Carson: I see things the way reality see things.

Lila Meyer: Mariah Robertson: I would love to do a flip you know Ive been asking.

Lila Meyer: Mariah Robertson: of you have a home that needs repairs lets talk and see what we can do together. As you can see Im trying to make it happen

Annabelle Caldwell: A legitimate investor wont put up all or most of the money for a project, if the one doing the work has nothing to put up himself, without taking 50% of profits give or take a little. Its too risky. They also wont(or shouldnt) put up that much and …See more

Lila Meyer: 1 a mentor once said there are private investors you can find and do a payout of 10% with them being first on deed which guarantees them there money back should anything go wrong. So an investor doesnt lose if everything is done right. The one who loses is the contractor who did all the work and doesnt get paid

Lila Meyer: Thats like me asking why a realtor get paid so much just for doing paper work

Lila Meyer: Lila Meyer: its funny how every one wants to make money and the contractor always has to give the cheapest price.

Annabelle Caldwell: George, I read through almost all of the comments. Youre complaining that all these investors are greedy and its clear you are unwilling to take legitimate advice from people with significant experience in the game….youll continue to stay stuck wi…See more

Annabelle Caldwell: And realtors do much more than sign papers. Im one myself. Would you like to know my schedule? Would you like to know all the crap I have to handle from all the idiots I deal with? You need to get a clue buddy. Let go of the pride

Lila Meyer: I know what realtors do I know plenty of them. Realtor fees are ridiculous.

Lila Meyer: I never said I wasnt taking the advice brother.

Lila Meyer: Im just being real. You wouldnt like it if I told you lower your rate

Annabelle Caldwell: Sure, some realtors arent worth a dime. Work with a good one and were worth every penny.

Oakley Carson: The mentor was the investor,that was his offer to you.

Lila Meyer: No on a 200,000 home 6 percent of is 12,000 explain to me what a realtor did that cost 12,000 just to sign paper work and that doesnt include a staging fee

Annabelle Caldwell: That last comment is proof you have no clue…..

Annabelle Caldwell: The listing broker gets the full commission and disperses the funds. They keep their cut, give a cut to the listing agent, and pay the other broker, who then pays their agent

Lila Meyer: Oh I know plenty do you want me break it down on 3 percent for broker and 3 percent for realtor or 1.5 percent if its another realtor should I keep going

Lila Meyer: In the end I dont care how you split it It still cost 12000

Annabelle Caldwell: If you dont like fees then youre in the wrong business. Its not worth my time and futile efforts to educate you any further. Good luck. Hope you can find yourself in an abundance mindset one day. It will take a major mindset shift on your part though, which includes letting go of your pride. This is a tough game. Perhaps youre not cut out for it. Thats up to you to decide.


Nia Carson: Lila Meyer: this is wrong. 3% goes to sellers agent (if seller has one), 3% goes to buyers agent (if there is one). They then split THAT and have to give a % to their broker. Again as I told you in my last comment, being on this side of the fence is much different than just doing the contracting work. Allow yourself to learn. Assuming you know everything is where ignorance begins.

Lila Meyer: I dont know everything its bad when people put words in other peoples mouth. But like I said I dont care how you cut it. In the end it still cost 6%

Lila Meyer: Annabelle Caldwell: like I said in another comment i dont any of you who are serious or just bs Its very simple if you are an investor then pm me and lets get to work what else is there to get. I never said i dont like fees. Are an investor or a realtor

Annabelle Caldwell: If you dont like it, do something to change it. Get your license and reduce the fee to 3%. YOU have the power to change. Dont expect others to change for you

Lila Meyer: Baby steps

Aaliyah Hawkins: Lila Meyer:Not when the risk we take.We get sued to by buyer and by seller….See more

Lila Meyer: So if you guys are worth 12 times then what is a contractor worth who can fix an entire house. Yet we are always having to cut prices. A realtor doesnt cut his price.

Annie Goodwin: Yet we are always having to cut prices. A realtor doesnt cut his price. Do you honestly believe that? To say a contractor or a realtor doesnt cut/adjust price/agreement to complete a deal tells me many things. I believe in being fair and open s…See more

Oakley Carson: Sage Patterson: I am trying to help George out a bit.

Sage Patterson: Oakley Carson: our concept is different from george.We are are an investment firm where we do fixed deposits from people in different tenors… 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year…tghe rates are between 12 percent to 18 pc per annum…no charges on your principal amount.only withholding tax on the interest of 15 pc.. are chargeable.you can withdraw your amount anytime upon maturity via email indemnity….

Sage Patterson: Oakley Carson:we have corporate guarantee on your money and we have been in business for 4 years and our asset base is currently valued at 82 billion

Oakley Carson: Leonard kiprono sounds like you are doing good things.What do you think about Lila Meyer: offerHe is looking for 150,000 for a fix and flip with offering 10% on a roi limited asset as collateral ,preferred private investor with hundred percent funding and he does the rest.I jumped on here to help him.I have a couple other things going on

Cora Casey: Well, I am one George and I know others but we are offered so many deals that we structure ourselves that there is no need for intermediaries. Also there are so many BMV properties on the market who needs serious funds?

Oakley Carson: George,all I can say is this You have to make a deal or do not but one thing in this forum is clear you are not getting a investor for 10% roi.You have to either accept the offers you have or get hung up on 10%.Last night you were upset you had no private investors,in less than 24 hours you now have options but you want 90% roi.Thats wrong.I am sorry from a viewpoint of your deal and the little I know.I think you should ask better questions,what does 30-50% get me from a private investor.I have to move forward with my other stuff

Lila Meyer: I gotta some something in it for me too

Lila Meyer: Im happy if we did 50/50 or 60/40 brother. But I cant have a deal with interest and points because then what am I really going to make

Allie Bates: Look no more my child

Oakley Carson: No one is asking for interest or points do you know the difference a investor and lender?

Oakley Carson: You need to take 50% roi and learn what you do not know.Stay HUMBLE

Lila Meyer: Thats a good song humble and kind

Brooks Larson: no

Lila Meyer: Thank you all seriously good or bad Im learning. But Im serious Im willing to wait to be the last one to be hand picked and Im confident you will say why didnt we chosen you sooner. God bless you all and continue doing your good deeds.

Oakley Carson: George people have given you opportunities with options,you have to meet in the middle..

Lila Meyer: I cant meet in the middle my funds are low but when I do have more I will surely come back. Thanks brother lets keep in touch

Oakley Carson: George here is what you need to do now,write a short proposal,bump the percentage figure out how much money you can get you need 10-30% of the investment adding collateral helps,talk with banks talk with a family member or friend for 15,000 to 45,000 on loan.Get all the details on the property.Write it here in simple wording.Get offers you have attentive investors.You have to get serious time is limited

Lila Meyer: Hey man like i said i dont have the money right now. I am not rushing into anything. I would love to do 50/50 or 60/40 with an investor who knows my situation up front and i do know of someone who can do this. So i will be calling you. You know who you are lol. for those of you who want to keep in touch and know the progress on this story like my page and i will keep you guys posted Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com target=_blank>Facebook.com

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Brayden Flores: Ive got access to millions of dollars Lila Meyer:, why should I give you money?

Lilah Morrison: If you give it to me youll get a great profit on your return

Lila Meyer: Because I know we can make profits on flipping homes. I dont plan on losing.

Brayden Flores: Of course because you sound so truthful!

Brayden Flores: Those two reasons from both of you are never going to get money.

Lila Meyer: Hey you asked

Lila Meyer: Well what do you want me to say

Brayden Flores: How many profitable deals can you show me this year? How will you protect my return? How many assets do you personally own?

Lila Meyer: Brayden Flores: I know Im good with my hands in construction like Ive been saying all along I dont just sit here and let everyone else do the work. No I work to maximize profits. Your return is protected by you being the first on the deed

Brayden Flores: Questions above are things youre going to want in raising PM. Put yourself in their shoes… youll figure out what they need to trust you.

Lila Meyer: Thanks brother

Lilah Morrison: Great question Im looking as well and I only find ppl with a lot of red tape

Evelynn Lawrence: Relationships! 1 person at a time. Relationships!

Jorge Nelson: Yes, they are…

Zara Colon: yep. they are not like bigfoot.

Marley Estrada: Hi Ive been where you are and understand what youre trying to do. And still looking myself. First looking on social media is going to get you a lot of “skin in the game “ responses which are fine but you gotta build to that. Second if anybody does come from here theyre going to want more towards 50% which is fine sometimes half of something is better than zero. Third youre really only going to find 8-15% private money through cultivating relationships or family. Try joining a local reia where theres lots of like minded people. Keep building your track record off of the above scenarios until you come across that truly private lender theyre out there.

Lila Meyer: Marley Estrada: thank you

Marley Estrada: By the way found 2 private investors that way. Now private lenders are contacting me. Good luck

Lila Meyer: Marley Estrada: I know there out there. all Im waiting for is God to put the right person in my path. Im doing just what the bible says. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the doors will open. All in good time things will come. Keep in touch like my fb page and lets motivate each other and even help each other in any way. If feels good to have a helping heart.