I was hesitating on posting this but,,,here I go. Hubby and I decided …

I was hesitating on posting this but,,,here I go. Hubby and I decided to try Parma this past Saturday. Hubby has lost 45 pounds on a life change diet which does not allow him to have pasta so our choice to go to Parma was not a good one. We figured there would be something he could eat there that would not include pasta. Our waitress (who was very good) listed off the special for the day but we had to ask the prices which were quite expensive. The menu had many items that were marked as MP. Hubby decided on the pork chop which gave the price as MP (how is that for a pork chop?). The waitress came back to say that they were out of pork chops (this was 5:30). We decided not to eat there and were very apologetic about taking up the table. The chef or manager came to our table and made a big deal (in a nice but also forceful way) about trying to accommodate hubbys diet which wasnt possible. He seemed to argue with the waitress about trying to make us stay. My point is that we made a mistake for choosing to go there but the whole situation could have been much more low key since we paid for our drink and left a generous tip. We had a big problem with items listed as MP and having to ask how much the specials were. I have been at very fancy restaurants where the prices are not listed, I did not think Parma was such a place. This may have been just a bad choice for us all around.

Owen Rhodes: MP… Market price?

Lia Swanson: That is correct

Matilda Carr: I will never patronize the place. Former owner of The Wild Truffle.Google and CCAP Marc Waltzer. Oy.

Joseph Mcbride: Also owner of Serious Burger. Had no clue.

Matilda Carr: Yeah I wont eat there either.

Owen Rhodes: Really… Never knew that Kacie!

Ryleigh Haynes: I would never give a person like that my business. I hope you all feel the same way.

Patrick Cox: Thats the owner(s) trying to save a sinking ship…

Roman Morris: Yea. Stay away from that one.

Brantley Mccormick: Pull up the menu online before you go to a new place. I usually decide if I am interested in going there and also what I will be ordering. MP for pork chops? Ridiculous. And then to be out! The experience you had sounds very uncomfortable .

Kylee Butler: Im glad you posted it. Im with Matilda Carr: and would not patronize there anyway, but its so great when we post honest reviews, good and bad. Sorry the whole thing was handled so poorly-as Carmen Robinson said uncomfortable is a good word for it.

Faith Moore: Ive read different things about that place. I havent tried it and it sounds more expensive than I am willing to go. Might have to try Carmellas someday.

Myla Grant: Carmellas is good.

Cooper Powell: Carmellas is just fantastic!!! The food, the service, the atmosphere. Weve been there dozens of times for lunch.

Rory Reese: I love Carmella s their pasta is the best in the valley.. amazing desserts.. only suggestion is go in off hours as during busy times it is soo loud in there you can barely hear your dinner companion.. I was actually getting a headache..the little side room seems a little quieter

David Copeland: What is MP?? His wild truffle place wasnt too bad he was pretty accmodating to my aunt with her gluten allergy.

Holden Webb: I only went to Wild Truffle once – I asked if they had anything on the menu that did not contain garlic as I can extremely sensitive to it and they said NO – they asked the chef and he said everything on the menu contained garlic – being with others in a group I had to make a selection that possibly had the least garlic in it and eat a little of it, big waste, left hungry cuz I was afraid to eat it and get sick right there. Never went back, then heard about the owner and lost interest altogether anyway.

Mason Valdez: They must feel if you have to ask you cant afford it..Pretty sad..Put a price on it

Holden Webb: To me it is more like, is it worth it… will pay higher prices if the meal is worth the price, but this does not seem the case here.


Patrick Cox: Appleton across from lonestar.

Jack Baker: Its actually called Texas Roadhouse. Lone Star was where Osaka Japanese Steakhouse years ago…that was a blast from the past : )

Faith Moore: It was Sambrulos.

Myla Grant: Wendy Wocelka Jung here is the previous posts

Ryleigh Haynes: You could not pay me to eat there.

Alanna Spencer: I wouldnt trust them with a gluten allergy. Or my money.