I took my 4 and 7 year old grandkids an Appleton restaurant for an ear…

I took my 4 and 7 year old grandkids an Appleton restaurant for an early dinner today followed by a chocolate cookie dessert. Neither of them like nuts or whipped cream, so requested without these two items. The dessert came with both. We sent it back and received what I thought was a new dessert, but it was obvious about half way through when we hit several nuts that they had simply tried to remove the nuts from the original dessert and then covered with ice cream. Luckily, my grandkids simply dont like nuts. If this had been my nephew, with a severe nut allergy, it could have been life threatening. I informed the cashier, who appreciated the information, but was disappointed she didnt offer to remove the cost if the dessert. If I hadnt had a tired 4 year old on the verge of a meltdown, I would have addressed this with a manager. I did message the restaurant this evening to make them aware additional training on nut allergies might be needed. For those who have certain food allergies, this is just a reminder to make allergies known at the time of ordering. Note:. The restaurant​ is Good Company in Appleton. I just received a response. They immediately discussed this situation with their night manager upon receiving my message and will be reviewing the need seriousness of this with staff. If this were an allergy situation, I would still mention the allergy at the time of ordering…regardless of which restaurant!

Jesus Delgado: Call the manager back and let them know. This could end up causing a serious issue, lawsuit, or death with an actual allergy. They need to discuss this with their servers and cooks, and maybe theyll offer you a future discount.

Zariah Moran: Not sure why this is on here if you dont name the restaurant. If they didnt seem to care, I would make it known. I dont want anyone with alleries going there!

Charles Herrera: I have a deadly nut allergy what restaurant is this so i avoid it!!!!

Alison Love: You can always tell them no nuts… that should not judge on how YOU see the place.

Ruth Rice: And the restaurant is?….

Ellie Goodman: Great question for the time it was posted.

Ruth Rice: Dont worry about the fact it was later edited.

Titus Stevens: It was Good Company. Ive messaged them and will follow up with a call tomorrow.