I need this question unswered because it is poising me and every i ask…

I need this question unswered because it is poising me and every i ask, To whom did God secrifice his son for us ?

Sam Art: Write your quetion again n make it more undastandable

Leon Jeffcoat: If I understand the question correctly….whom was Christ being sacrificed to?…..meaning who was he offered to for the people…..the answer would be the concept of sin…because the law gave life to sin, death hell and the grave but, could not keep him.

Jason Wiltse: God sacrificed his Son to defeat death and sin which the devil reigns over so he defeated Satan by sacrificing his life and taking authority over mans life from the devil .

Lwandoe Sibusiso: I stil dnt gt it

Kelly Helenah Seromo: cum aqain with ur question

Leon Jeffcoat: ok….let me put it this way…are you asking did God sacrifice his son to someone and if so who was it? is that what youre asking?

Leon Jeffcoat: See…I think I see what you are trying to understand so lets look closer at this….when you think about a person giving a sacrifice, you notice that the sacrifice itself is always to someone…(a deity) for example….when Christ died, it wasnt in the way that youre thinking like a simple animal sacrifice.

Leon Jeffcoat: In other words, Christ was not sacrificed to God if thats what you are wondering.

Lwandoe Sibusiso: Yes but to whom

Leon Jeffcoat: His death was not given up to a particular person….thats just the thing…. it was for a reason, not to a particular someone.

Leon Jeffcoat: Lets go to scipture……

Leon Jeffcoat: Why did God give up his son to death itself??…… John 3:16…. The first 6 words…. For God so loved the world……. that he gave his only begotten son….why??…. that who so ever believe on him shall not perish but have EVER LASTING LIFE.

Jason Wiltse: If your asking who did God sacrifice his Son for its for mankind but he sacrificed it to death which Satan ruled over so that he could overcome it .He defeated Satan by ressurecting thus paying our ransom of death and overcoming it again through his life .

Leon Jeffcoat: No… Jason Wiltse he wasnt talking about FOR….. hes asking TO whom.

Jason Wiltse: In a way the ransom of Christs death was paying what Satan required being god of this age but by doing this he was able to overcome death being perfect and unworthy of death .

Jason Wiltse: Thus he defeated the Devils requirement of human death for God required Spiritual seperation because of sin but Satan required physical death .

Leon Jeffcoat: Thats right…

Jason Wiltse: So he brought us back to himself through this sacrifice overcoming the Spiritual seperation and the physical death .

Leon Jeffcoat: Thats why I posted earlier that he was given up to death.

Ryan Costa: I think you are asking about the true nature of God the Father and God the Son. How did Jesus sacrifice himself to himself? That is one of the most complex questions we can ask. The answer is God is Jesus and the Father. You have to reach your own conclusions regarding this through prayer,study, and meditation.

Lwandoe Sibusiso: You pple u all explain why God secrificed his only Son 4 us, not to whom

Ryan Costa: He sacrificed himself to himself.

Lwandoe Sibusiso: Nothing like tht

Appiah Stephen: U n i

Leon Jeffcoat: Lwandoe Sibusiso…. Jesus did not get sacrificed to a person…. thats what were telling you.

Leon Jeffcoat: Jesus was not being offered to God, he was offered to death itself.

Leon Jeffcoat: Heres why you are confused about it….. Youre going by the wrong definition of sacrifice…. this is what youre going by: an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to God or to a divine or supernatural figure….. heres the definition……. offer or kill as a religious sacrifice.