hey guys…. I have a question that bothers me, where do babies go wh…

hey guys…. I have a question that bothers me, where do babies go when they die????

Terry L Gordon: Every soul goes back to be with God, including those of babies

Eriayo Michael: D same place adults go. D cemetary

Terry L Gordon: We are not here to make jokes Eriayo Michael

Eriayo Michael: I am not making jokes

Terry L Gordon: No one goes to the cemetery Eriayo, the body goes to the cemetery. The spirit goes back to where it came from and that is back to God.

Emeka NGele: God knows. But remember Heaven is real and hell is real,.tnx for your question.

Jason Wiltse: Straight to heaven .

Benjamin Terhemen: Heaven, becauz they dnt ve sin

Eriayo Michael: Because dey r not up 2 7yrs nd r still pure in GODS eyes

Jewelson Guinabo: if babies go straight to heaven, should we abort them just to ensure their ticket to heaven.?

Paul Simon: No that is a sin. God will punish such that kills.

Caro Twongyeirwe: ofcorse straight 2 hve bse baibes dnt hv sins.

Eriayo Michael: Actually dey do adam nd eve but t mean dey dont partake insin

Lawrence Opeyemi: Restin till d day of jurgment

Che Ben Mkuweya: This question is complicated. Those of you who are saying, they go to heaven, how do you define heaven? If abortion is murder, when does new life emerge?

Che Ben Mkuweya: It is still believed that a human being is born with a sin inherited from Adam and Eve and that salvation and eternal life in paradise is possible by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. ALL SINNED

Christian Poceros: Guys you forget something, our sin of death prevents us from going to heaven until the judgement day (jesus second coming) so Eriayo Michael is right the soul is indeed in the cemetery no feel, no pain just plain sleep. It applies to babies too anyway

Terry L Gordon: The soul/spirit returns to God and the body is asleep in the grave

Che Ben Mkuweya: You have reminded me something CHRISTIAN. You soteriologists, Sin has to be define first but remember that it can not surpass Gods grace.