I know its a definitely dumb question. Is there any plugin in WordPres…

I know its a definitely dumb question. Is there any plugin in WordPress which automatically does SEO without any manual work? P.S.With minimal manual work also much appreciated.

Helena Bowman: No

Delaney Allen: With minimal manual work also much appreciated.

Marcus Griffith: Yes. It’s called pay someone to do it for you. I use it all the time. 🙂

Delaney Allen: Lol

Bryce Quinn: I dont think so but I wouldnt trust anything to automatically add SEO, you want to appeal to humans first, crawlers 2nd. Its true what they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself ☺

Janelle Nichols: Yoast SEO does a lot for you

Delaney Allen: Any tutorials to start SEO from scratch?

Janelle Nichols: I bet Google could answer that question better than I would 😉

Shelby Cannon: Yoast.com

The beginners guide to Yoast SEO • Yoast
yoast.com|By Michiel Heijmans

Ariyah Shelton: One of the problems with this >>> automatically is that it can affect the grammatical and visual structure of a webpage (imho) and in terms of the end user that sucks… somethings can be automated but not all of them…

Shelby Cannon: My career is very thankful that all automated tools are rubbish.

Maxwell Schneider: You need the PayPal money generator wordpress plugin

Delaney Allen: Lol.for?

Dylan Maxwell: Make a blog post and add your targeted keywords as tags, enjoy

Delaney Allen: Best idea ever heard.Thanks man.

Delaney Allen: Delaney Allen: as I already mentioned am a newbie dont know nothing about SEO other than it is a ranking in Google.

Dylan Maxwell: I experienced it

Delaney Allen: Dylan Maxwell: Then why people keep on mentioning yoast SEO having this fab easy technique.?

Delaney Allen: What it does?

Dylan Maxwell: With yoast you are able to add, description and keywords

Delaney Allen: Dylan Maxwell: We can add without yoast hai na?

Dylan Maxwell: Of course but Try it once, it is good.

Delaney Allen: Dylan Maxwell: planned to gain some background knowledge on this and going to proceed further on my venture of website development

Dylan Maxwell: Best of luck

Delaney Allen: Btw thanks a lot Master blaster.lol.

Delaney Allen: I like your name both legends of Mumbai!

Ariyah Shelton: I ditched Yoast but went back to it… one of the few things I do actually use is the social sharing image (it wont be the only way to do that!) and the correct sizing of it for the various social media platforms – which may of course change at some point in the future…

Zara Barrett: You know, WordPress is SEO friendly right out of the box. The plugins just give you the ability to tweak things but the CMS is perfectly fine for basic SEO.

Delaney Allen: Ofcourse WordPress is SEO friendly but 80% of sites are built with wp,so we should do something to stand out.right?We cant sit back as it is SEO friendly almost all same!

Zara Barrett: Delaney Allen: Well, the content is what should stand out. If its not exceptional content all the SEO tweakery in the world will have at best minimal impact. I dont much use SEO plugins and mostly keep them installed to help other people when they ask me questions.

Delaney Allen: Zara Barrett: lovely,How can we add content other than blog?

Zara Barrett: Delaney Allen: What I mean is that the blog posts or pages should be exceptional content. Just blogging for the sake of optimizing the posts for SEO is not very efficient.

Delaney Allen: Zara Barrett: Everyone cant be a professional blogger bro.

Zara Barrett: Delaney Allen: No, they cannot, but if youre competing with rapidly written blog posts (based on a keyword matrix) against a niche filled with dedicated, full-time bloggers (who build up large followings and social outreach) there is NO plugin that will help you take a sizeable part of that market.

Delaney Allen: Birds around my head.

Delaney Allen: But will be keeping in mind.

Ariyah Shelton: My advice would be – decide what YOU want a plugin to do and find a plugin to do it… dont let plugins dictate what you do…

Delaney Allen: Very well said.Will keep in my forehead

Danielle Osborne: I use Yoast. It isnt automatic though. You need to enter an excerpt for each page and a keyword focus. But it has been useful.

Danielle Osborne: I have seen an almost immediate benefit to my page rank after activating Yoast.

Delaney Allen: Danielle Osborne: how can we actually see it?

Danielle Osborne: Delaney Allen: I open an incognito tab in Chrome and do a search using my focus keywords and then find my position. You can also check your position using Google Webmaster Tools in the Search Analytics section. Be sure to check the Positionbox at the …See more

Delaney Allen: Danielle Osborne: Being a newbie not quite sure with a position box and working of Yoast!

Delaney Allen: Though it involves lot works,I am yet to start that process.

Danielle Osborne: Delaney Allen: the position box is in webmaster tools. Creating a Google Webmaster account and connecting it to your website is an important part of setting up your SEO.

Jude Hunter: Yoast is good. And the premium is great. But you still need to do the SEO as that can’t be automated. There are no shortcuts to SEO.