Dumb SEO Question: I have a client whos got multiple websites built fo…

Dumb SEO Question: I have a client whos got multiple websites built for Tours They are all somewhat different but in the end are offering the same thing just worded differently I feel like she should focus on one domain and promote rank that one rather than competing with her other domains and trying to rank all of them at once. What would you guys do? I guess I could tell her to rank all of them and make way more money. But I feel like focusing on one will get her better results as they are going to compete for eachother and may make customers confused.

Paige Murphy: If they are really promoting the same tour service (same area, same tours, etc.) then I would pick one to work on and leave the others in the background. If there is no penalty (manual action) notice in Google Search Console then I would just go forward with expanding one primary domain and improving its content. In time the client will be able to let go of the other domains without agonizing over the decision. Dont try to persuade them to do too much at one time.

Lorenzo Holmes: Thats what I was thinking too! Thank you for the feedback

Clara Marsh: Lorenzo Holmes: if they are all on the same server do they all rank for different things?

Lorenzo Holmes: Clara Marsh: They are all trying to rank for grape and wine tours just different names and types. Some are on the same server

Clara Marsh: Lorenzo Holmes: my view it’s a bad idea. I would assume that one stand out site ranks better than the others. google has strong algorithms to prevent satellite sites. So your rankings right now could be better without this approach. If they are sharing t…See more

Paige Murphy: Clara Marsh: Bing and Google have consistently denied using shared IP addresses as a spam signal except in the most egregious cases (hundreds of thousands or millions of spammy hosts).

Clara Marsh: Paige Murphy: yes but trying to rank the same sites for the same keywords is what I am specifically talking about. I am not talking about spam algorithms

Adam Anderson: Pick the one with the most traffic as the primary. Then 301 the others to this one. dont forget the change of address protocol in gsc. Then optimize the heck out of the primary

William Mckenzie: I’ve had clients with same circumstances. It is the same service but in different locations if you will. 4 separate sites. Even with different content, it still was failing. We made 1 new site with overview and about all services and different subpages for locations, did 301 to matching local pages and within a month client began to see business pick up as well as placements improve.