I hope it is ok to ask this question.. I am currently working as a con…

I hope it is ok to ask this question.. I am currently working as a contractor (and hence my position can be terminated without cause at any time) for a large organisation that rotates permanent staff members on a 6 monthly basis to oversee and authorize my My new 2IC manager commenced in July and pretty much taken credited for every idea that I have proposed (which I am silly to have done in the first instance as I am reducing my workload), and thereafter autonomously implementing (I do not have the authority to self implement) / communicating with others without including me in emails despite it has a direct bearing on my role. This mainly revolves around increasing efficiencies in MYOB (An area that the 1IC delegated to me and the 2IC agreed), or alternatively we are doubling up on work that has been delegated to myself but he chooses to do in his spare time. I know his purpose is he wants to show the difference he made and now we no longer need a bookkeeper). He is also not very busy in his other job. I am reaching out for support as to how best I can deal with this – I have spoken to the Top boss but it seems as though my words are going unheard. 🙁 Obviously, I am looking for another role but I am also trying to find a resolution. Thank you . If this post is not appropriate for the group please delete

Calvin Robbins: I spent decades as an IC in the IT arena. Clients have different ways of dealing with the outsiders. Most of my clients over the years welcomed the contractors as if we were employees, but some treated us the way youre being treated here. I wouldnt take it personally. Not being included in emails is just one way of drawing that line. That would be the reason that Mr. Top cant hear you. My advice would be to either accept it the way it is or start a search for a new project somewhere else. My experience says chances are good that the somewhere else will be more to your liking. This has nothing to do with you.

Renata Poole: TX. Makes sense..Ithe is my first long term contract role. My prior managers were exceptionally inclusive and let me get on with the role. I guess my luck ran out when the nequipment 2IC rotating in. I agree it is now time to move on before things get even more toxic

Easton Jennings: Who knows what you are doing (besides the manager)? This person is, most likely, doing the same thing to others… Document, document, document your work!

Renata Poole: I have full documentation. Every single email (My partner once said to me – print, print, print). My problem is to expose him or let it be. (I need references when this job ends – and it will)

Eliana Campbell: Wow, Im getting deja vu reading your post, Gail, even including the detail of using MYOB! The difference for me was that I was an employee. Thats the job I quit to start my own business 9 years ago.As scary as it may be to have financial uncertainly around the corner, its not worth it to suffer for the money. Follow your freedom and your values, whatever those are to you. No one has the right to treat you poorly unless you let them. Confrontation is a positive interaction with a momentary negative emotional response. If you speak your truth in a positive way, then you will be taking steps along the correct path, even if that path leads you out the door.

Renata Poole: Ingrid Edstrom – Wow that is true deja-vu. How did you communicate your reasons for leaving, did you confront the person or let it be. I see it as either over determination, control or bulling.My problem is that I cannot start my own business for …See more

Eliana Campbell: Wow. This, situation becomes even more deja vu with the tears. I used to get shamed like crazy at my similar workplace for crying when things got really bad. Hang in there! Youre not alone! After years of putting up with the toxic work environment, c…See more

Renata Poole: Lol – I hate it when I cry especially as it is 90% male dominated workforce. I think they will tell me to leave if I do say what you said. As I am a contractor they can get a more subservient one within a day. Did you get him out of his hole when he was caught committing fraud? (I would have said – schadenfreude 🙂

Eliana Campbell: I started to help them out of their pickle, setting up better practices and getting them moved to QBO. Then I realized how crazy he and his wife really were. They were the real origin of all the drama, inviting negativity in everything they did. Fortun…See more

Eliana Campbell: Gail, do you really have no where else to go? If youre working as a contractor, is it a legal contractor position? Do you fill all of the requirements, or could you be a misclassified employee that would qualify for unemployment?

Renata Poole: Ingrid. Good on you fi Rd making the right decision and setting boundaries.My employment arrangement is 100 % legal.I am comfortable with that I have been there for nearly two years (there are legit reasons why they have to have a contractor in this…See more