How many stocks do people have in their portfolio at any time? Do we h…

How many stocks do people have in their portfolio at any time? Do we have a % of their portfolio per share?

Valerie Morris: What do you mean by bank?

Kyle Dixon: Not sure if this is what Daniel means but I have a bank (set amount) of money allocated to shares as part of my budgeting. How much I allocate to each purchase varies.

Valerie Morris: Oh, well in that case, so do I.

Kimberly Carpenter: Im coming from a punting background. Eg bet 2-5% of my bank, my bank goes up and down depending on success of those bets. Regarding shares Id like to know if you had 20k for instance would you try diversify and have 10 shares at an initial outlay of 2k (10%) or 5 shares at 4K (20%) I feel I have too many hands in the cookie jar

Skylar Lee: Kimberly Carpenter: $20,000 equals 4 shares.

Kimberly Carpenter: Frank Watkins 25% each? Would you still have 4 with 50k thoughts on diversification? Would you have ETFs? Have read one of your publications and it was very insightful to FYI

Skylar Lee: Kimberly Carpenter: , $50,000 5 stocks, $100,000 10 stocks, most people talk about diversification as a method of making money, thats total bollocks, at best it may lower risk. I dont really care how many stocks you hold as long as they are all going up.

Evelynn Lyons: 15

Thea Schultz: Hello no, not touching banks at this time.

Kimberly Carpenter: Not meaning actual banks, although I did trade my TLS for WBC

Cash Moss: Depends on portfolio size. Around $10k would be 5 stocks tops for me, doesnt have to be split evenly but would never go over say 30% total portfolio value on the one stock

Kimberly Carpenter: Thats exactly what I was meaning. Thank you.

Valerie Morris: I get what you mean now – I have a rule, that I will never invest more than $5k on a penny stock. Id prefer just $1k or $2k. And I try to keep my portfolio as 75% in blue chip, ETFs and LICs, and 25% in specs.

Delaney Santos: Brad what ETFs are you in? Im 100% specs at the moment and need some more safety.

Valerie Morris: Both Vanguard – VAS follows ASX300, and VGS, which follows US large caps

Londyn Bishop: I current have 3

Kennedi Maldonado: Keep my portfolio under 10 stocks otherwise to hard to manage properly and keep on top of news. Keep only a few penny stocks at 5k buys the rest are mid – long holds

Kimberly Carpenter: Yeah I had 12 for 25k worth, trying to get to 10 even less so I can have a closer look at the pennys

Maeve Watts: However many is needed

Lillian Fletcher: I dont think theres a hard and fast rule on this question. Some people think that more than 10-12 is too many to keep track of. Others will look for value and dividend income wherever its on offer irrespective of the number you hold. Whatever works for you mate

Jasper Tucker: Whispers 42.

Jasper Tucker: Im using the Douglas Adams TA approach and backing all the horses.

Maeve Watts: Currently AGY, BSM and BPG in a halt

River Romero: 10 shares 10% each roughly

Francesca Stanley: No more than 5 at a time and no less than 150k shares in each.

Lilith Boyd: Why a set amount of shares?

Francesca Stanley: $150 per pip. It makes a small increase worth my time. I tend to read a shitload before I buy. Also its a number Im personally ok with if a stock takes off. Nothing worse than thinking “I should have bought more”

Finn Rogers: High roller

Francesca Stanley: Finn Rogers: hardly 😂 Still a long way to go yet before I reach that status

Finn Rogers: Francesca Stanley: haha one day 👍

Ariah Fitzgerald: I am at the high end 40-50 in 6 folios, yes it does take some looking after but I am retired so no problems. Only one penny stock QBL so am waiting waiting.Stocks include hybrids, LICs etfs REITs etc.PS always buy around 10k worth to reduce percent of cash spent on brokerage

River Romero: what % gain are you getting per year Ariah Fitzgerald: with that number of shares? Usually that would reduce your gains as you get more companies

Ariah Fitzgerald: River Romero: ranges from 4.9 to 17.6 with an average of 8.0%. I have included cash which makes up 40% of one portfolio which pays 2% on a rolling monthly term deposit.

River Romero: Ariah Fitzgerald: have you compared that to the market return?

River Romero: the more stocks you have the higher probability that youll get the same as the market..

Ariah Fitzgerald: River Romero: I have a lot of defensive stocks as I live off the income so cannot afford to look for 10 baggers. Dont forget this is after expenses which can add up.

Dylan Massey: 10k port should be balanced across 4 -5 stocks. 5 absolute max

Maeve Watts::


Caleb Alvarez: My stocks are for our SMSF and I currently have 13. Spread is about 85% blue chip and 15% risk/penny shares.

Lilith Boyd: 3 stocks ATM, though normally 5-10. Hugely over invested in one (>80%) because I cant bring myself to sell just yet (too good)

Kimberly Carpenter: Hope its returning more than 80% for you. Hahaha. I am going to try cut down but dont know what to get rid of. AGO and PLS I really like Could take a profit on AGO but want to find out the outcome of this TO

Lilith Boyd: 3 bagger since last year 🙂 it was already my major pick and since its grown I havent sold just because I think its got a lot more in it

Aisha Burgess: 10 stocks max for me

Harmony Tate: 1200. Give or take

Israel Norman: 57. Plus 3 coming in over the next month.Spread across 3 portfolios, with different strategies. Some time back I said Id look to halve it by mid this year…might have to be a busy June if thats going to happen! I definitely dont recommend this though, its been a FT thing for a while.

Rose Stewart: No more than 12

Mira Figueroa: 12-15 stocks, 75% top 200 and 25% riskier stocks