BIG Un CEO resigns and they enter voluntary administration “to prese…

BIG Un CEO resigns and they enter voluntary administration “to preserve shareholder value”. Theres none left after its been on a trading halt for months! What a dog that turned into. Anyone who wants to understand the risks of investing in small enterprises just needs to read the rollercoaster story of this stock. Its all there.

Ryan Parks: Another reason to trade, not invest!

Dylan Rios: reverse takeovers…….. nuff said

Alayah Johnston: Remember looking at it when it was RAU (Republic Gold). When I next looked months later and found it was BIG and a totally different sector, I was glad I didnt invest

Christopher French: Those were the days of old when RAU went from 1c to 29c on their tungsten acquisition. My first 25 bagger. Mt Carbine Tungsten

Alayah Johnston: On 2nd thought dont mark my words 😕

Amir Craig: Riskier than DRC – theres a lesson for everyone 😀

Clara Terry: This is one of those examples about how important one of the most ignored aspects of FA is…..good management!!!

Ryan Parks: Reflected in the chart ultimately

Andrew Thompson: and how do you tell?

Amir Craig: Results on the ground which the market likes Frank.

Andrew Thompson: Martin Fisher hehe, price

Clara Terry: Not reflected in the chart at all aftually. Otherwise it would have never raced to $4 nor left TA traders up shit creek when the trade halt came down. CEO with a criminal conviction record for blackmailing men in public toilets….isnt that obvious enough? LOL

Clara Terry:
The proof Big Un CEO Richard Evertz did prison time for…

Matthew Edwards: Hopefully QBL not going down same path

Ryan Parks: I just checked the chart (not having seen it in ages. Get out signal (TA wise) was in November (in hindsight).And maybe if you were trading the support line of $3.20 ish, definitely last chance was 2nd feb. TA is so important!!

Christopher French: BIG GSW got away with creative reporting. ASX wasnt on their watch and let that happen. This is the reason we see QBL not trading as ASX is asking the right questions and getting their head around the acquisition. I prefer this ASX version over the previous one where someone was not doing their job. QBL if makes it through this assessment it will be all kosher (no pun intended).

Amir Craig::



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