How do find/locate foreclosures and start negotiating on such properti…

How do find/locate foreclosures and start negotiating on such properties? TIA

Everett Santos: Lmk when you find the answer😊

Emely Mcbride: You mean pre-foreclosures? Core logic may have that info. Credit reporting agencies, they sell info.

Isaac Pearson: Go to the tax collectors office and find out who is late

Cole Mathis: PM me and Ill send you a link to a site with the answers.

Jillian Page: Me to?

Ainsley Gray: Go buy them at the auction

Noah Campbell:
Admission Application

Noah Campbell: We provide listing web page a back office contracts and also you have an office conference room you have to pay only maintenance fee

Sloane Craig: Dont use they told us we won a bid then changed their mind and put home back on action. Buy VA foreclosures from a realtor or Hud foreclosures from HUD. Ive used Hubzu auction before Real Estate Auctions for Homes and Commercial Real Estate

Sloane Craig: Dont pay for a list. Realtors have a list of foreclosures for Free.

Emely Mcbride: I think they were looking for a pre-foreclosures if they are trying to talk to someone which you need the delinquents. Foreclosures are easy just ask Realtors like Denise said.

Imani Jefferson: Wait a second, I dont remember posting this question 🤔. Someone stole my name 😁

Gemma Harrison: You can get the list from the County Clerk. Its free. In fact it has to be published by the County Clerk, otherwise the foreclosure cannot happen. Of course you have to know what to do with that list….

Elijah Campbell: Lis Pendis from county clerk negotiate pre-forclosure

Sloane Craig: The VA does not sell their foreclosure at the county clerk. They list them with realtors and ever 30 days they reduce the price.

Emely Mcbride: Still has to be on notice before the Realtor even gets it. Then you may can strike up a deal with the bank before it goes to court.

Xander Long: How can we get this pre foreclosure list from county clerk ??Is it also available on countys website ?

Cole Mathis: yes/no/yes…depends on the county. Some let you go through the pre-foreclosure files and some dont. Just need to ask.

Noah Campbell: Exist different kind of listings some are free or you have to buy it to the county but the important is the information that the list provide because if you want a list that provide pre forclosure you also need another list that provide you legal information for each property you meet to know who is fro closing the property before you try to buy it because if is not the same mortgage company that originate the loan thats mean that the most of the time you have a secondary lean or more that why is so important the listings that you buy dont waist your time and effort buying incomplete listings

Emely Mcbride: I did a condo after the auction that was in the redemption period which is 6 months here but was in the last 30 days with back HOA dues and a second mortgage. I got dues amount reduced, the 2nd reduced and the owner walked away with $8,000 to start over and I done this as an agent through my marketing, so it was an inbound call.

Carson Cook: Title companies…. Take an agent to lunch…