Anyone have experience using Airbnb? Would you recommend it over tradi…

Anyone have experience using Airbnb? Would you recommend it over traditional long term rentals? How involved do you have to be? What are the fees? Thanks

Winter Montgomery: If you are in an area that people visit often which it looks like you might be then Airbnb may be the ticket. At minimum you can test it out for 6 months or a year and compare it to what you could get a normal renter for. I have my people sign a two-page list of House Rules, get their ID, I let them know where the key is, I make sure the alarm is disarmed…. but I never meet them. Make sure you clean up very well before the next guest checks in and thats pretty much it.

Genevieve Rhodes: Am in Orlando fl. 15 minutes from Disney. 4/2 with a pool. No hoa. The house rents long term every year for 2200 a month. This year the tenant is leaving June 1. Was debating. But would only be worth it if I made significantly more than 2200 per month.

Winter Montgomery: Genevieve Rhodes: I dont know the area specifically but I cant imagine a better Airbnb attraction. If I were you I would at least test it out for a while.

Lennon Santos: Hi Yusuf, I wrote an article about my experience with Airbnb you can read and get some ideas –
Airbnb hosting — how to crush it – Lennon Santos: – Medium

Genevieve Rhodes: Thank you! Will read later tonight

Myra Ferguson: We just had a new class come out on AirBnB. Premiered yesterday.

Antonio Henry: Im Queen of Airbnb message me

Winter Maldonado: Its great. You gross 2 to 3x often, and net 1.5 to 2x compared to longer term. happy to take a look at your properties for you and see if its a good fit.
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