Hi – quick question! Ive heard you folks know your stuff :) Im fairly …

Hi – quick question! Ive heard you folks know your stuff 🙂 Im fairly new to the gym, and everything healthy eating and fitness really. Im 7-8 months into a routine focused around aesthetics (although truthfully I dont know what the goal is. To get a bit bigger as a means to advertise veganism and the rest is to be healthy for myself, I suppose!) but since lets say November last year, Ive done very little cardio. Like, the occasional mountain bike trail ride for an hour and a half or so. Like, 3 times. Practically nothing. The question, basically, is how much cardio can I introduce during a (relatively.. working on it) lean bulk to stay healthy, but to still see relatively quick results in regards to mass. How long a session, before or after workouts, how many times a week, what specific exercises, do you recommend hiit training or just running? Is a mix of exercises the best approach or can I just pick one? I wanted a vegan take on this question, as theres a lot of bull**** out there and Id rather rely on people that have looked at the science of this! Hope you can shed some light on this for me ! Ive been meaning to introduce it into my split but yeah.. too much conflicting info and too much apathy! Maybe it wasnt such a quick question after all… thanks in advance! (:

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Isabelle Mendoza: A lot depends on exactly what you are doing, your own recovery levels and what you prefer. A cookie cutter answer would be to do cardio 2 or 3 times a week on non-weight training days. If you are training hard, sometimes HIIT can be too much extra recovery for some. Ideally youd do some HIIT and some steady state to get some of the benefits of both, you could also mix in upper and lower body cardio, so you could do runs (sprints or distance), battle ropes, cycling, swimming or similar, just make sure you enjoy it. The intensity of the cardio should reflect your overall recovery, so if you are very tired it is OK to just walk, whereas if you feel fully recovered feel free to sprint or jog a longer distance.There isnt a definitive answer as your current health levels, age, goals and exercise program affect the exact cardio program you will do, but if you stick at 2-3 sessions you should be OK unless you are doing a crazy workout or have a lit of other stress (I have a bit about stress here Veganbodybuilding.blogspot.co.uk )I have some articles about cardio here Veganbodybuilding.blogspot.co.uk that you might find useful. If you need any cardio ideas let me know. We can cover anything from traditional jogging through to tools like battle ropes and kettlebells.Hopefully that helps?

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