Hello guys, I have a question. Human breast milk is only 1% of protein…

Hello guys, I have a question. Human breast milk is only 1% of protein at a time when we grow the most as babies. So if we want to grow muscles why do we need that much more protein? Or is it all exaggerated by supplement companies. Where can I find truly I independent research on this? And what are your thoughts?

Nadia Andrews: It may be 1% by volume but this is not relevant because it describes water content. Human milk is 6% protein by calorie and this is approximately identical to all whole plant foods.

Adalyn Walters: Ahhh!!! Of course, thank you that makes a lot of sense!

Adalyn Walters: So do you know any independent research on how much more protein you need when you train?

Scarlet Munoz: There is research that higher protein can increase muscle protein synthesis. However, as far as I know these are short term studies. I havent looked recently to see if there are any new insights. The main concern should be calories. If you eat mainly …See more

Adalyn Walters: Thank you very much! Yes please if you have a link that would be great! Im mainly asking because I find most fitness trainers just repeat research that was published and pushed by supplement companies and I want to make up my own mind.

Nadia Andrews: To gain say 1.5g of protein/kg of bodyweight at 6-10% protein by calorie we need to eat approximately 5000 calories which is easier than most people assume.

Adalyn Walters: So is it more or less about eating more, rather than adding extra protein? Is that what youre saying? I never checked how many calories I consume.

Adalyn Walters: Do you have a link to independent research?

Nadia Andrews: Dont worry, I am getting to your question. 🙂

Nadia Andrews: ^ Im saying you can easily consume the mainstream bodybuilding recommended quantity of protein without taking supplements AND without even eating foods considered high in protein such as beans or tofu. Crazy huh.

Nadia Andrews: I have found this example from my own use of cronometer.com it shows a recovery day, on a typical rest day the fruit intake is half. Interestingly the current mainstream recommendation for endurance athletes is actually 0.75g of protein/kg of bodyweight. Im not aware of such a baby study but I imagine they are getting this quantity from breast milk.

Adalyn Walters: 0.75g /bodyweight is quite little actually. Where did you read that? Btw thanks for taking the time and sharing all this with me!

Nadia Andrews: We live in a culture of the over-consumption of protein that has been imposed on us by industry but even those sympathetic to that cannot deny the science. Apologies the RDA is actually 0.8 and I cant recall where I got 0.75 from.The Centers for Di…See more

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Archer Fox: Also another little point is that as we exercise we tend to naturally eat more. Say a man or woman has a basal metabolic rate of 2000cal and on average they eat 60-80g of protein a day. Put that up to 3000 calories a day and its now 90-120g of protein.

Matteo Roberson: Remember protein outside of the body is not necessarily protein inside of the body, it all has to be broken down into amino acids then converted back to human protein.

Caden Morgan: Maybe we dont.