Hi everyone – Im 98% sure this question has been asked before but here…

Hi everyone – Im 98% sure this question has been asked before but here goes: Im looking for an SEO auditor tool I can embed on my website to attract sign-ups. Visitors can input their URL/email and receive an instant report. In return, I collect a contact to a potential lead. Can anyone recommend one? Perhaps one youve used yourself to positive results? Thanks in advance!

Eliza Gonzalez: Semrush have one. It’s not brilliant but it’s better than nothing. There’s others. I think seomotor (sp) has one too from memory.I’ve yet to see one that’s awesome, so gap in the market potentially.

Preston Wells: Ive found a few after a quick Google search: Mysiteauditor.com, Seoptimer.com. Cost seems to be around the $60-$80/month mark. Pretty reasonable I suppose if you in fact land leads through it.

Free SEO Audit Report Tool – White Label & Embed Options

Preston Wells: Anyone have any experience in building your own SEO audit tool?

Khloe Watkins: David,You can give serped a try….See more

Aria Moore: Serped is a good one and gives you HTML lead capture as well, see if you can get an api and build one in for yourself, the serped one is good tested it this year seems to confuse clients on the right questions, in the end up i built my own but it works fine 👍

Khloe Watkins: Thanks for your views on Serped, Stuart.. If you don’t mind I would love to learn more on this part – “Seems to confuse clients on the right question”…See more

Lillian Little: After this post was going to take a look at Serped, but to be forced to provide an email address before you can get ANY details about a service is a bit ridiculous.

Christopher Boone: SEMrush offers this, not sure on what price plan though

Preston Wells: Thanks Christopher Boone:, will take a closer look