Hey Mechanics! I have question 😏…again. My 2010 Jeep Liberty is h…

Hey Mechanics! I have question 😏…again. My 2010 Jeep Liberty is having a problem with the heat. My AC is fine but my heat ONLY blows hot/warm air when Im driving (and really pushing the gas). When I idle (or in park) the heat blows air that is neither cold nor hot. Any ideas on what could be causing this to happen??

Dustan Gauley: Water pump

Ronald Johnson Sr: Check your coolant level first if its not full you will have the same problem

Dustan Gauley: I always forget to mention the easy stuff first lol

Ronald Johnson Sr: Lol, I know the feeling

William Alexander: This is the best place to start.

Kristen Foster: The inlet side of heater coil is hot but the outlet is cooler. Water pump must be putting out more pressure when Im pushing the gas right? Thats why its blowing hot when driving.

Ronald Johnson Sr: Change your thermostat , it may be stuck open

Bryan Ruigrok: Flush your heater core…… This is a common issue on the liberty and nitro

Michael B. Smith: Bleed your cooling system. Air pockets can cause this too.

Jeffrey Glaude: Do all if those, in the worst case scenario you might need to change the heater core if you cant flush it out

Kristen Foster: Did a flush and its still only blowing hot air while accelerating ☹️. This vehicle had no issues until recently and now it seems everything is acting up! Lol

Jeffrey Glaude: Oh, youre no getting air at all through the vents?

Jeffrey Glaude: Or youre getting air, but hot air only when you accelerate

Kristen Foster: Thats right…Im getting air but hot air only when I accelerate 😕. When Im stopped, it still blows but the air is not hot like it should be while using the heat. Any ideas what it could be? I really appreciate the help!

Jeffrey Glaude: OK, so you need to locate the thermostat housing and there should be a little screw on or around the thermostat housing this is the bleeder valve. Jack up the front of the jeep so that it is the highest point of the jeep. Start the engine. Put heater…See more

Kristen Foster: Jeffrey Glaude Thanks! Going to try this tomorrow! Hopefully it gets my heat working right! 🙏🏼

Jeffrey Glaude: The basic principle is to purge the air out of the coolant system, there is air in the heater core which is why when you accelerate the hot coolant gets pushed to the rear of the car temporarily flooding the heater core with coolant (thats when you feel hot air) and when you felt cold air it was because theres not enough coolant in the system coupled with a big pocket of air in the heater core