Might be a stupid question but I have no idea about rims. We are looki…

Might be a stupid question but I have no idea about rims. We are looking for a second set…we want to go from a 16 inch 5 bolt pattern to a 15 inch bolt pattern, 5×4.52 is what is currently on the car, would any 5×4.52 rim that is 5 bold fit weather or not it is 15 or 16 inch?

Edward Meyers: Yes

Ronald Johnson Sr: You need to make sure center hole is same size, and measure across the bolt holes , they have to be exact

Josh Marxen: Front Wheel Drive and rear wheel drive have different offsets, most FWD have a deep dish, while RWD are close to centered. Some 4WD truck rims will rub on the same 2WD truck. Also when dropping sizes like a 16 to a 15 there is a possibility they will not clear the brakes. Your 5 on 4 1/2 bolt pattern is the most common meaning your wheel choices are almost limitless, but it also means there are a lot of different offsets and rim widths which could cause the rim to rub on the brakes or the tire to rub on the fender or suspension

Josh Marxen: Test a 15 wheel and tire by putting it on the front. The brakes are bigger and you can check steering. Spin the tire up off the ground, If its hitting brake youll hear metal on metal. Test the steering on the ground, weight on the suspension. If you…See more

Andrea Connors: Thanks everyone. I am thinking it might be better to just stay with the 16s