Guys I have a question Id lyk to ask….what do u really have to do to…

Guys I have a question Id lyk to ask….what do u really have to do to become a vampire…. Id really lyk to know

Juanie Amador: Be born one. We actually dont have any super powers, like they show in movies.

Shirley Ujest: Well, while some say that turning is possible, most vampires are born with it dormant in us and awaken at some point, usually in our teens

Athardwar Siphorserthur Nxanga: OK so wht do u do

Shirley Ujest: What do you mean? please clarify

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Typically, people dont want to become real vampires – they want to become movie vampires, or folklore vampires. They want to become immortal, super-powerful, attractive, magical creatures. And that is impossible. Its not what real vampires are like at all.Real vampires are human, and do all of the same things other humans do. No super powers. Just a need to take blood or energy from others, or get very sick if you dont. No immunity to disease, no superspeed, no ability to make people do what you want. So, why would you ever want that?

Athardwar Siphorserthur Nxanga: wht do u do lyk wht kind of staff do u wear

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Vampires dont do anything differently from anyone else, nor do they wear anything different from anyone else. Your neighbor might be one, and youd never know.

Shirley Ujest: Exactly. For example, I happen to be Goth/Lolita/eccentric in my dress, but I always have been (was the tutu and cowboy boots type kid). I know vamps who are jeans and tees types, cowboys, preppy dressers, etc.. I personally love the woods, camping, hiking, fishing, etc..

Alexia Ashford: Sanguinarian vampires are those who need to drink blood. It isnt like the movies. Its more like needing to drink blood regularly or your every meal will be like youve just had a lot of Taco Bell. The jury is still out on whether it is possible or not. We dont know what causes it or if its transmissible by blood. Several claim to have had others develop sanguinism after drinking a sanguinarians blood.

Athardwar Siphorserthur Nxanga: OK so dont they have gathering together?

Shirley Ujest: No more so than other groups of friends

Donna Michele Fernstrom: There are some Houses, which are like little families, support groups, or clubs, but you usually find those only in major cities. Vampires are rare, so getting a group together in one place usually only happens in areas with high population densities….See more

Shirley Ujest: Good point Donna 🙂

Shirley Ujest: I should have said, no more so than other groups of friends, support groups, or religious groups

Donna Michele Fernstrom: NOVA in the United States does charity work, feeding homeless in the community two or three times a year.
New Orleans Vampire Assocation

Tanya Lagrave: Can I interject, as a Donor? REALLY, the most powerful vampires Ive met can trenscend time and space, in their feeding needs. This being the case, I assume an awakening happens under similar circumstances. Ive known many women and men, that think that by simply sipping my blood makes them a Vampire. They could not have been more wrong. As a swan…. I can most def say there is a difference between feeding a freak, from a true vampire. I think its something your born with. Just my ¢o.2o.

Jeremy Cantrell: Mind if I ask what you mean about transcending time and space?

Julia Nadeau: Vampirism is something youre born with, at least in my experience. Ive never met anyone who was turned.