For those of you that have your hps lights mounted on your rail I have…

For those of you that have your hps lights mounted on your rail I have a two part question, one is there an issue with anyone getting burnt on the housings of so how do you prevent that, and two is there an issue with them being in the weather full time?

Cody Gross: Are yours under your deck now??

Dennis Newman: Yes, but moving them.up due to some light being blocked

Corbit Lackey: Id move em closer to the edge of the boat before Id move em to the top of the deck

Dennis Newman: Cant without changing the deck or having the lights stick out pass the boat, which will be an issue first time I hit the dock

Cody Gross: I’m making my deck Saturday and that’s what I’m up in the wind about right now weather to go under or on top it gonna over hang my gunnels 4” so nothing would be blocked if I went under

Dennis Newman: We ran like this last year , and didnt have an issue , but I feel like we can get a further light cast if they are up a little more

Kyle West: Youll only burn yourself enough to say ouch thats hot. Not enough to get blistered.

Dennis Newman: I forgot to mention I painted the inside of the housing white, idk if that reflexs some of the heat as well

Cody Gross: Dennis Newman ugh idk what to do lol

Kyle West: No itll be just as hot Id be willing to bet

Dennis Newman: Well I did have a friend point out last year that I was blocking light , and Im really liking the idea of further light cast

Cody Gross: Dennis Newman I’ve never shot off a hps rig but I got the lights and all the aluminum so I’m building everything off people’s input

Dennis Newman: Ive shot over both and for my money I LOVE hps, of the water is murky the hps will cut better, led are nice for clear, but on the Potomac river clear water can be hard to come by

Cody Gross: Yea I had leds on my other boat I got 400w hps now just don’t know if I wanna go under or on top of deck

Dennis Newman: I wish I could help your choise , but I wont know if higher is better til this year.

Cody Gross: If I go under I’m gonna wish I went ontop I doubt I’ll be disappointment if I can see farther lol

Dennis Newman: My friend told me I should get them up .

Kyle West: Under and out of the way would be my choice if I had a raised deck.Unless you have them 2ft behind the edge of the boat I dont see how your losing much light.

Dennis Newman: You dont think higher would be better for distance

Kyle West: Pm sent

Erik Hess: Higher will be better distance but will also give you a greater shadow casted if anything is below the light.

Erik Hess: Terribly drawn picture for an illustration. Illustrates light coverage for above/below deck. (in my head at least)

Corbit Lackey: Erik Hess where hes getting shadows is from the light pointing down and being under the deck some

Erik Hess: Corbit Lackey well unless he hangs it over the edge of the deck on top, it’s only going to get worse.

Dennis Newman: Even if angled down slightly?

Corbit Lackey: Dennis Newman if you angle them down they will hang over the edge. The pivot point of your bracket is whats hurting you. The pivot needs to be closer to the middle of the housing

Dennis Newman: I see

Erik Hess: Actually lower would help lean the top edge over more and keep more of your light under the deck.

Josh Hether: ive seen skin scorched AND blistered from legs touching the backs of a 400hps aluminum house more than on one occasion. Ask me how i know! 🤦‍♂️Definetly keep them below or put them in an enclosed rail.

Kyle Manning: Also better under the deck when bugs are thick! First boat had lights above the deck and it was horrible when bugs were thick. A noticeable difference with them under the deck – nowhere near as bad.

Daniel Forest: Agreed. Keep them under. One less thing to get tangled on pulling in fish