Does anyone know if you can attend an AGM if youre not a shareholder? …

Does anyone know if you can attend an AGM if youre not a shareholder? Im curious to hear what the Force (4CE) directors have to say tomorrow.

Amina Owens: buy one share Travvy, quickly!! (Im not sure about the rules, I have been to AGMs and asked if I was a shareholder, I say yes, they dont check. (You know me, I love to keep an eye on the fundamentals lol)

Sophia Peters: Commsec wont allow me to buy 1 share…..otherwise I would!

Amina Owens: Sophia Peters: too much manipulation when you control prices with one lots

Sophia Peters: HAHAHAHA

Morgan Coleman: Yes you can. Just cant voice your opinion.Pretty sure thats how it is for non holders

Sophia Peters: Are you sure on this?

Finley Newman: When you rock up at the meeting, just tell them you are Martin Fisher. No one will ask you anything and you get the front row seats 🙂

Hayden Richardson: Pretty sure ML wont show his face 😀

Sophia Peters: Are you thinking of WFE?

Hayden Richardson: Yes also but theyre connected by JB of course – he and ML are tight and ML holds a shedload of WFE…

Kinsley Estrada: Haha

Sophia Peters: I just rang the company. Apparently its a closed forum.

Amina Owens: bugger

Sophia Peters: But I should be able to sneak past with this disguise….

Raegan Gutierrez: Yes you can. I have attended many AGMs as an observer. However you cannot ask any questions or take part in any vote

Sophia Peters: So what are they trying to hide then? The company secretary went and asked one of the directors if I could attend and came back with a sorry, unfortunately you cant attend as its a closed meeting. Hmmm 🤔

Karina Copeland: Lol – yep that means they are trying to hide something for sure haha

Sophia Peters: Good or bad? Thats the question.

Morgan Coleman: Lol… hiding😂😂😂

Sophia Peters: Yeah thats what I thought. Transparency is always good from management.

Morgan Coleman: Sophia Peters: ring up Michael fry if you want. Hes happy to talk to people about the company.

Finley Newman: I dont think they are trying to hide anything. Normally they would not bother as most of such shindigs are sparsely attended. But I think this one at 4CE may see higher than normal attendance. So they may cut down on non holders attending. Well you can still rock up and may be allowed. I may do too if QBL announcement doesnt come up.

Sophia Peters: Well the weather might be terrible here in Perth tomorrow. Im using that as an excuse not to get out of pyjamas lol

Morgan Coleman: Sophia Peters: you own a tesla?

Sophia Peters: Morgan Coleman: nope. I wish

Sophia Peters: Hired it in the US recently

Sawyer Chavez: Parag, the AGM is downstairs in the building I work at. I dont think they have a lot of room on that floor. They manage their compliance there, but its not where they operate from.

Manuel Fisher: Yes

Sophia Peters: The 4CE AGM went well and my disguise worked 🤣 Have a great weekend all

Morgan Coleman: You went?! Nice.Did you buy at the end of the day?

Sophia Peters: Ill wait and see what they have in the ground first

Sawyer Chavez: Lol, the 4CE annual general meeting is downstairs in the building I work at 😂😂 Im not going to it because I dont want to be the only one attending lol 😂

Morgan Coleman: There was like 13 people there bruh haha

Sawyer Chavez: Steven, really!

Sawyer Chavez: Steven, was it a good meeting? I heard penny stock agms have like no attendants

Morgan Coleman: Sawyer Chavez: didnt go unfortunately.Couldnt get work off plus $1k i dont wanna have to spend but it wouldve been worth it had i could get work off.

Sawyer Chavez: Steven, ah I see. If I remembered it was today, I wouldve walked downstairs 😂

Morgan Coleman: Sawyer Chavez: I had some people give me the lowdown though.Definitely wouldve been worth going.