$5k spare – Thinking about ARV, CLV, 4CE, DHR… flip a coin maybe?

$5k spare – Thinking about ARV, CLV, 4CE, DHR… flip a coin maybe?

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Israel Rose: BSM

Mason Welch: DHR sell on drilling news results

Theodore Clayton: 4CE – NOT πŸ™‚

Theodore Clayton: check out AAR

Samara Morris: DHR

Mariam King: DHR or 4CE at these prices

Lucille Sutton: Ive been looking at buying some 4ce for a while. Recon its a good time luke ?

Mariam King: I think so, but thats just my opinion. TA guys say it will head back closer to 5cBut I think anything under 6c and your winning. …See more

Remi Hart: Wait for 4CE to come off its down trend

Remi Hart: Personal thoughts only 😬 Should turn around next week as fomo should kick in heading into June

Kassidy Nguyen: NEU

Maverick Strickland: CTM

Amaya Bush: Maybe have a look at RGI for something a little different, they seem to be gaining traction in supplying and servicing medical cannabis and food growing setups and they say that during the gold rush it was the people making the buckets and shovels who made the real money. Also Im pretty useless with charts but it has just started going up again following a nice ann this week.

Theodore Clayton: I think this exercise is to keep us all busy while Martin Fisher mops up all the free float of 4CE πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ – cannot imagine Martin not topping up on 4CE at these price !!!

Maxwell Davis: Or avz lets be honest

Adeline Carroll: I am SOOOOOOO tempted Parag…

Greyson Hodges: 4CE. In 7days its literally June…

Theodore Clayton: What happens on 1st June?

Greyson Hodges: they commence drilling early-mid june and my opinion is stated below

Theodore Clayton: Yes. Saw that yesterday. That means 6 weeks or so before drill results of the first batch. Until July end. A long time to go.

Greyson Hodges: yes. but do you think people will want to be on the side lines once drilling commences?

Gunner Harmon: AVZ drilling results not doing much to its SP. 4CE may go up 15% and then retrace again.

Greyson Hodges: AVZ results arent doing much because holders have had this fairytale that itll get sold.It wont get sold until its all drilled out enough to meet Chinese demands….See more

Gunner Harmon: Greyson Hodges: Yes no love for AVZ until JORC resource estimate. Would love to see 4CE going into production phase, if so will jump abroad.

Greyson Hodges: Early-Mid June … In my opinion i think the Mid was thrown in as a failsafe imo so just incase it did have an unexpected delay the company would still deliverthe rig will be clearing & ready to leave over the next few days (Mind you they work over the weekend in the DRC)IMO, I see this starting first week of June. speculation only ofc.

Aliyah Knight: DHR !

Jasper Brooks: Just trade whatever Brad puts up..Honestly. hes a good filter…

Aliyah Knight: CLA good to go

Jasper Brooks: Aliyah Knight:Not your usual shape..buuut…Theyre certainky expecting an increasing cobalt demand until mid 2020s resulting in a crunch so to speak. They are assuming that theyll be needed, which is a little narcissistic……See more

Aliyah Knight: I got in this morning Don after last nights reserach

Jasper Brooks: ..the public is well aware of lithiumIs Just becomming aware of the importance of VanadiumAnd still unaware of the relevance of Cobalt..

Elliana Brady: Dhr. Q3 2019 is their target for production for concentrate

Barrett Watkins: yep CTM

Beckett Cain: DHR

Kendall Harvey: CLV – Fundamentals are better than the others

Oscar Murphy: CTM

Oscar Murphy: coffee anyone ?

Annabelle Jimenez: Tv2 for a punt

Mira Carter: BUB

Samara Morris: are you confused yet Martin?

Luis Alvarado: DHR .

Kinley Kennedy: i put in a buy for ARV today…. no luck yet

Cheyenne Harper: WFE…

Adrian Schneider: Wtf

Luis Alvarado: CLV is good too actually

Olivia Fitzgerald: Mcr

Adeline Carroll: DHR looking like a winner, but as Parag said, Ive got an itchy trigger finger on 4CE as ever. If the latter, this time next year Ill either be able to take a year off – or be living in an old refrigerator cardboard box with great views of the coast. πŸ˜€

Olivia Fitzgerald: DHR has been on every forum, post and HC discussion. Likelyhood youre getting in late.

Adeline Carroll: Yes, aware of this – I have others like SPX and LSR to think about too.

Josue Wheeler: The price is basically the same as it was in January so I dont know how you would be getting in late

Journey Klein: CAZ-Cobalt

Sean Neal: CGR

Cayden Clark: Definitely CLV

Teagan Underwood: AS1

Danna Patton: VEC – DD sign off very close on 3 projects SP has held very well over the last few months.Has cash and assets in the form of machinery ($70m worth new) from acquisition of randgold/ashanti tenement.Disclosure – holding

Gabriela Burns: ARV

Lia Osborne: 4CE go with your gut

Killian Edwards: 4CE for the win!

David Drake: BOT if you want to 50bag in 1-2 Years time.

David Drake: Ok maybe not fifty but u get the point.Γ°ΕΈΛœβ€š

Mariam King: A 3,800 million dollar company in 2 years…

Aliyah Knight: CLA …. right now 0.20 !!!!

Aliyah Knight: 0.20 is gone …

Aliyah Knight: @reuters doing articles on Cobalt and CLA and the need for users to source from producers other than from DRC … Namibia is a great option! Reuters.com

Electric vehicles seen driving cobalt crunch by mid-2020s

Aliyah Knight: …and increasing demand for use in jet engine manufacturing … Reuters.com

Jet engines help power cobalt to 10-year highs

Kayla Gomez: Arv

Aliyah Knight: CLA –> buy side swelling 2:1 after last weeks close price action and OBV trend setting

Brielle Ruiz: DHR is my pick of that bunch. CLA is likely to do well over the longer term but Id feel like I was chasing it buying now. DHR has consolidated for a fair period and is just starting drilling on their Li project. Also the volume this past week is smoky πŸ˜‰

Mariam King: CLA looks like its ready for the next leg up soon though..

Brielle Ruiz: Fridays candle looks interesting. Would have been nice to have a little more volume to support the move. Definitely worth watching in the morning

Aliyah Knight: Chris James agreed Vol over 7M would have been super strong for Fridays close … but OBV trending up well now

Brielle Ruiz: yup, just a question of whether it runs again now or continues to trade sideways and consolidate for a while. I havent followed it closely so I dont know what news flow is expected?

Aliyah Knight: Chris James see my post 2 days ago (within this post) with links to the reuters articles. CLA getting a lot of attn atm due to cobalt prices rising strongly #cobalt is the new sexy …