Burr comb on lid with loads of bees working it… just scrape it off and shake them off?

Stupid question time: burr comb on lid with loads of bees working it… just scrape it off and shake them off? I know not to just set aside and have them mosey back eventually as that will attract robbers…

Joel Williams: You can shake them off. I usually just leave it out and let them walk off. Later, I’ll put the comb in my comb bucket

Ron Reid: Never had a problem with robbers and comb. Some times I shake them off and sometimes they leave. I have a burr comb tub I use but have never been able to pick up every piece of comb. If it has honey in it I set it a short distance away for them to cleanup. Don’t always remember to come right back and get it.

Stan Gore: save it in a zip lock…its usable

Alayne Torretta: I have a Rubbermaid tub i keep for burr comb, but i was amazed at how many bees were on tbe burr comb and shook them off after removing. I wasnt sure if the shake off was the nest move. Lol

James Slemp: Are they getting under the lid thru the hole in the inner cover then after you clean off the burr comb staple some screen over hole so they cant do it again. Take a look in your hive seeing if its so full you need to add a box .

Alayne Torretta: they aren’t playing fair.. hahaha… the outter 4 frames aren’t built up yet, they are going up before they go ‘out’. It’s a nuc I put in place on Saturday. Ive been feeding an they’ve been consuming. I am going back tomorrow with more food. I never thought of screen for the inner cover hole. thanks!

James Slemp: Alayne Torretta They would rather move up then work on outside frames thats why its good to add second box when ther working on there 8th frame in first box.

Alayne Torretta: hmmmm they seem to have skipped that chapter. They’re only on the 6th frame! hahahaha

Jim Cutway: Leave it there flip lid over let wax melt to coat lid and waterproof.

Stephen Harrell: Move your Unworked outer frames to the center. They will still use the ones that they previously fills out and you moved to the outside and they will fill the unworked ones now in the center. And after moving them out put on that extra box because they will have those center ones done in no time and need some place for the queen to lay and to store some honey.

Katie Pugh: Make sure the queen is not up in the burr comb. I have had this happen. She was laying eggs. Just be careful when scraping off